Revised December 7, 2014

Board and Annual Meetings

Annual Meeting: When is the Annual Homeowner’s Meeting?

The Annual SMVE Homeowner’s Association Meeting is held at the North Recreation Area Clubhouse at 7:00 PM on the third Monday of February. The meeting is open to all SMVE homeowners or their designated representative. Occasionally exceptions are made for prospective homeowners (e.g. homes in closing or from those persons considering buying) by the President of the SMVE HOA. Requests must be made in advance of the meeting by email or phone so the Board can accommodate all who wish to attend.

Board: Can anyone attend the SMVE HOA Board Meetings?

Usually only Homeowners within the Sunrise Mountain View Estates or their designated representative attend the monthly Board of Directors Meeting consistent with Arizona Revised Statues 33-­1804 Open Meeting Laws. Occasionally, prospective homeowners may be given permission to attend a specific meeting with requests made to the President of the SMVE HOA Board of Directors by email or phone in advance of the meeting. Meetings are conducted employing informal rules based on Robert’s Rules of Order to maximize dialogue, efficiency, and time constraints that the Board is under.

Meetings are scheduled for the third Monday of every month except June, July, and August and are held at the North Recreation Area Clubhouse at 3:30 PM (7:00 PM in February). An Agenda is available for each meeting and is posted 48 hours in advance on the North pool bulletin board and on this website. Extra agendas are available at the meeting for Homeowners.

Board: How can I become a Board or Committee Member of the Sunrise Mountain View Estates?

Sunrise Mountain View Estates Homeowners Association (SMVE HOA) is a non-profit corporation in AZ. The duly elected Board of Directors is charged by AZ governing documents (Conditions Covenants & Restrictions, Bylaws, & Rules and Regulations) to lead and manage all aspects of the SMVE Community Commons, structures, road etc. in the Tucson Catalina Foothills of the SMVE Community.

Further, the SMVE HOA has been “self-governed” by volunteers without a property management company for over 20 years. Volunteer Homeowners share their credentialed expertise, cumulative experience, and personal time and energy for the benefit of their neighbors without financial remuneration. Each Board of Director serves for 3-year terms making themselves available all year except for occasional vacation time which is then covered by other Board members in their absence.

The first step to becoming a member of the Board or Committee would be to email or call the Chair of the Nominating Committee and Board President and tell him what special expertise you want to share. The committee requires a short resume (1-page written) plus a Cover Letter including degrees earned, expertise in your life work, how you want to contribute with continuous time and effort. Your willingness to attend monthly board meetings is a great start. Consistent attendance is a requirement for maximum input to problem solving, dialogue, continuous learning, and willingness to assume responsibility for special projects. Such beginning efforts detailed above would help acquaint you with the operation and the organization of the HOA, get to know the Chairmen of Committees, and learn about the organization’s structure, financials, budgets and prospective planning future capital expenditures on major committee projects for each year.

Board: How does the Board select Vendors for work in the Common Areas?

Each year the SMVE board of directors oversees the purchase of goods and services amounting to more than $250,000. In addition, from time to time, there is spending on significant repairs and replacements from the reserve fund. The board has a fiduciary duty to spend these funds responsibly for the benefit of the homeowners in our HOA. This includes careful and responsible selection of vendors.

Within the annual operating budget, approximately 25% of the expense money goes to monopoly companies or government organizations such as Tucson Water and Southwest Gas. But the balance of the money spent on services and materials needed to maintain our community in good repair goes to vendors selected by the board or committee chairs. To insure responsible decisions and careful management of how our money is directed, the board of directors has an established procedure for purchasing and contracts that spells out the criteria for selection of vendors, as well as what approvals are needed for various expenditures. For example, in the case of ongoing services such as landscaping or pool maintenance, the procedure requires that competitive bids be solicited at least every five years and also specifies what contract value thresholds require board approval.

The same is true of major capital expenditures such as road repaving. Also contained in this procedure are criteria for vendor selection, including the need for insurance, any applicable county or state licenses, vendor history with the HOA and more. This guideline can be viewed in its entirety here.

The board takes very seriously its responsibility to spend HOA money wisely. We encourage you to become familiar with the procedures and guidelines we follow.


Clubhouse: What are the rules governing the use of the Clubhouse?

All Clubhouse functions are by reservation only. The Clubhouse may be reserved only by dues paying homeowners. Homeowner’s extended family members are not eligible to use the facilities without the homeowner being present (on site) during the entire function. Renters/Tenants are not eligible to use the Clubhouse.

North and south pools/spas and/or Ramada’s may not be reserved for any function.

Reservations are be made by contacting the Recreation Committee Chair or his representative either by phone, e-mail, or 1st class mail. Reservations should be made at least two (2) weeks in advance of the event and may be made up to six (6) months in advance if a homeowner prefers. Clubhouse functions are to be adult oriented and may not include parties for minors (less than 18 years old).

No alcoholic beverages or commercial use of the Clubhouse will be allowed. The maximum allowed duration of the reserved event is six (6) hours and must end by 10:00 PM (Arizona time). Clubhouse functions are limited to 30 people.

The Clubhouse will be cleaned up and vacuumed by users. All trash will be deposited outside in the appropriate containers before departing.

The Clubhouse should be ready for inspection and return of deposit of $250.00 (less any deductions for damages or cleaning or other rule violations) by 9:00 AM on the day following the event.

A failure to follow these rules and regulations, including the use of alcoholic beverages, failure to be present during the entire time of use, and any lapse in securing the main gate, will result in forfeiture of part or all of the homeowner’s security deposit, and it may jeopardize the homeowner’s future us of the Clubhouse.

Any SMVEHOA sanctioned function that qualifies for a deposit waiver must be approved by the Board of Directors in consultation with the Recreation Committee Chair.

Occasional use of the Clubhouse for any meetings by Sunrise Association Council (SAC) or by SNAP will require a $250.00 security deposit and a signed Clubhouse Rental Contract. Any meetings by other Sunrise HOAs will require a $250.00 security deposit plus a $100.00 facility fee and a signed Clubhouse Rental Contract.

The Clubhouse as well as SMVE recreation areas are posted NO SMOKING areas!

Motion made and seconded to accept revisions for use of SMVE Clubhouse. After discussion, unanimously approved by SMVE Board of Directors at December 15, 2014, meeting.


Statutes: What are the current Arizona Statutes for governing of the HOA?

SMVE HOA is governed by Arizona Non-Profit Corporation Act (Title 10, Chapters 24-40) and Arizona Planned Community Act (Title 33, Chapter 16).  The current statutes can be found on the internet.

For more Assistance: Visit your friendly Public Library.

CC&R: What are the Updates to the CC&Rs and Rules and Regulations of the Homeowner’s Association?

Policies to clarify the application of the CC&R’s and other rules and regulations are implemented by the SMVE Board of Directors as needed.  Periodically, the Board issues a document that includes policies implemented over some years.  The most recent is Policies and Regulations 2004-2014.  Governing documents can be found in the Documents & Policies section of the website.

Help for Homeowners

Dues: When are HOA dues to be paid and where do I send payment?

SMVE HOA dues are payable semi-annually on January 1 and July 1.  A a 10% late fee is applied on January 15 and July 15.  Invoices are mailed to the homeowners primary mailing address a month before the due date.

Dues are currently $925 per six months, or $1,850 per year.

Make your check payable to “SMVE HOA,” write your lot number and SMVE address on the check, and mail your dues payment to our accounting firm:

5656 E Grant Rd, Ste 200
Tucson, AZ 85712

Feeding Birds: I want to feed the quail in my backyard but my neighbor says I can’t because there are restrictions. What are the restrictions?

No intentional feeding or watering of wild animals other than feeding of birds, using proper feeders that are out of the reach of other animals, is permitted anywhere in the SMVEHOA subdivision. Quail blocks may only be used within (not on) the walls separating your patio from the common areas. Water containing devices, within the reach of any ground creatures, must be within the patio walls and not accessible to creatures outside the walls. Placing any food item or water on the ground or within easy reach of any animal anywhere in the common areas is forbidden.

If any resident of Sunrise Mountain Estates is found to be guilty of violation of this new rule, a fine of $150/day will accrue until the offense is discontinued. In addition, the offender will be referred to Arizona Game and Fish for possible further disciplinary action.

For the background on this policy and Arizona state law that makes feeding wildlife illegal, see Fine for Unlawful Feeding of Wildlife in SMVE (Update 2009).

Finding Help: What is “The Harried Homeowner Helpers” and how can I get this publication?

About ten years ago the Sunrise Association Council (SAC), an organization of the 12 Fairfield Homeowners Associations published such a booklet, with comments based on homeowner surveys. A new edition was released in January 2016. Click on Harried Homeowner Helpers (2016 Edition) to read the booklet on the SMVE website; SMVE homeowners also receive a printed copy.

An always recommended approach to find competent help is to ask your neighbors who they have used for similar work and how satisfied they are.  Another solution to finding licensed and bonded businesses for homeowner maintenance and repair is Angie’s List, a web-­based business (www.angieslist.com) offering reviews of service companies.

In addition, the Tucson Better Business Bureau remains another good resource. The Board of Directors has written the importance of quality issues, licensing, personal liability, and warranties into their selection criteria (see also the FAQ: “How the Board selects Vendors for work in the Common Areas?“).

Insurance: I just bought a house in SMVE. What insurance coverage does the Homeowner need to provide personally?

Homeowners are responsible for ALL insurance coverage for your personal home including fire, liability, personal property, etc. The HOA maintains insurance covering hazard and general liability for recreation structures in the Common Area plus Directors and Officers liability insurance.

New Homeowner Hints: Can you give me some helpful hints for new homeowners to get started in the SMVE Community?

  1. NO overnight STREET vehicle parking especially of recreational vehicles or trailers by Homeowners or contractors. Sidewalks must remain clear for pedestrians as well.
  2. ANY REMODELING, Painting (inside or out), or Flooring work, call Bill Page, Chair of the Architecture Committee for approval.*
  3. LANDSCAPING: Absolutely NO trimming of plants by you or your landscaper in any common areas. For plantings and landscaping advice and clearance, call the Chair of the Landscape Committee.
  4. RECREATIONAL AREA/POOL KEY: It is the responsibility of your Real Estate Agent to secure for you. Otherwise, the Board has set up a backup process: $55.00 cost, plus a trip to SMVE HOA accountant with approval of SMVE HOA President. Recreation area keys are carefully limited for use of SMVE Homeowners.
  5. NO YARD OR GARAGE SALES are allowed because of serious community safety/security issues.
  6. POST LIGHTs: It is highly recommended that all Homeowners leave their “dusk to dawn” front post light in the ON position 24/7. Post lights have a photocell. Lights remain our first line of defense to maintain a safe and secure community.
  7. Please see the Documents & Policies page for more complete information about rules and policies.

* Please note: you are responsible for informing contractors in advance about the Association’s prohibition against Port-a-Potties, no overnight trailers, and no trash or supplies remaining in the yard visible from the street. In addition, cleanup is required at the end of each day and no advertising signs by contractors may be left in the yard.

Noise, Pets, Pool: My neighbor is complaining about my dog’s barking and his occasional “dip” in the HOA’s pool. What do the CC&R and/or Rules and Regulations say about that?

Pets Not Allowed in Pool Area

Pets are not allowed in the pool area, or in the pool, and the homeowner is responsible for a $500 fine and clean-up costs.  Please see the policy on pets in the pool area for details.


Sunrise Mountain View Estates HOA’s CC&Rs. Article XIII: re: Noise

Section 3:

No obnoxious or offensive activity shall be carried on upon any Lot, nor shall anything be done, placed or stored thereon which may become an annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood or occasion any noise or odor which will or might disturb the peace, quiet, comfort or serenity of the occupants of surrounding properties.

Section 5: Noise

No Owner shall engage in any activity or permit any activity to occur on the Properties which shall result in unusual, loud or obtrusive noise or sounds.


The Pima County Code also addresses animal noise in section 6.04.160.

Posting Notices: Can I post a notice or advertisement on the mailboxes?

No, homeowners may not post any material on the mailboxes.  Since 1992, the Post Office has agreed that SMVEHOA would have exclusive use of the mailboxes to post Association reminders as long as it kept it to a minimum (6-8) times/year and they were removed promptly when the event was over.  They stipulated that there were to be no other authorized postings on the mailboxes by anyone else and that the Association should so notify the membership.  The Association should remove any and all unauthorized postings.  This agreement was reaffirmed by the Post Office to Bill Page on 2/24/15.

Re-piping: I’ve heard of problems with Polybutylene being used when SMVE homes were originally built. What should I do if experience a leak either inside my house or in the water line going from the street to my house?

All plumbing from the meter to and inside the house is the homeowner’s responsibility.  The Spring 2010 SMVE Newsletter contains an article, Re-piping Guidelines for Homeowners, that may provide some helpful information should you find that re-piping your home is desirable.

POD: I’m moving next month. Can I store my furniture in a rented POD in the Driveway of my home?

With the proper approval of the Architectural Review Committee, a storage container or POD is permitted in the driveway, for the purpose of moving in or out of any SMVE home by any resident of SMVE. The application letter and signed approval will stipulate that such container must be placed in the driveway for the purpose of loading or unloading for a period not to exceed 72 continuous hours. If the container remains for a period greater than 72 hours, a fine of $250 per day or portion thereof shall be assessed against the applicant.

To obtain approval, contact the Architectural Review Committee.

Recreational Equipment: My grandchildren like to play basketball on our front driveway when they come for a visit. Are portable basketball units allowed?

No, recreational courts or equipment may not be placed on residential property or on common areas by homeowners. This includes mobile devices such as backboards, hoops, and nets. For more details, please see the policy on recreational equipment.

Rural/Metro: What is Rural/Metro and why subscribe to it?

If you dial 911, the fire department or ambulance comes out to help you.

But who pays for the fire and ambulance visit? In many parts of the country, the fire department is supported by property taxes. But here, fire department services are provided by Rural/Metro, a private company that is paid for by its customers (you) and not supported by taxes.

See Fire and Ambulance Services at SMVE for a description of Rural/Metro services and cost and payment options.


Lost Keys: How does “Lost and Found” work in this community?

Since keys are the most lost item, two examples follow:

What do you do if you LOST you keys?

Immediately call the Lost and Found information resource person (currently Guy Scharf) with information describing the item lost, plus when and where the item was lost. Identifying characteristics are helpful (e.g. color of wristband if applicable or number of keys lost). The Lost and Found designee will contact you when item(s) are found and arrangements can be made for you to retrieve the item(s).

What do you do if you find keys? e.g. keys hanging in the mailbox key slot

  1. Take a minute to ID the location of the mailbox (e.g. 3rd down from the top on the far right bank of boxes).
  2. Lock the box if open and take the keys with you. Put keys and note in a “Ziploc” bag with date, time and where found.
  3. Call Guy Scharf with identifying information.
  4. If someone calls you re: lost keys, ask him or her to describe where their box is located and exactly where they live if you don’t know them. Ask about any other identifying information re: the misplaced keys (e.g. key was on a orange wrist band).

Mailbox Key: How do I get a new lock or key for my USPS “Cluster” mailbox? (e.g. if the lock is broken, or the key is broken in lock, or I lost it or I’m a new owner with no key)?

Mailbox keys are managed by the USPS.  The process for obtaining a Mailbox Key is as follows:

  1. Cost is $40.00 to be paid at Fort Lowell Post Office, 6460 E. Grant Road, Tucson, AZ 85715. Phone: 290-9718. Hours: Mon.-Fri: 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM; Sat. 8:30 AM – 3:00 PM.
  2. Homeowners need to bring identification with them to the USPS such as
    a) a government-­-issued picture ID card (e.g. your driver’s license with street address referenced to the mail box) or b) pieces of official mail, such as 1) current utility bill plus (2) a vehicle registration with the Homeowner’s name and address on them.
    Conclusion: Make sure you have a duplicate key and carefully protect your mailbox key; if lost, replacement is inconvenient and onerous.
  3. Any questions before going to Ft. Lowell Station just call Belinda Gibbs, Customer Supervisor (Hrs. 8:30 AM -­ 4:30 PM); Ph. 290-9718 or 290-1173.
  4. Installation of a new lock usually takes 3-5 business days. Meanwhile, the USPS will hold your mail for 3 pickups by you (about 1 week).

Pool Key: I am a new owner of a home in SMVE HOA but I don’t have a pool key. How do I get one?

Pool keys are the primary responsibility of the seller and buyers realty agents to transfer to the new owner at the time of real estate closing.

However, if keys are not transferred at the time of closing or if another pool key is requested, the Board of Directors has set up a secondary system so that keys may be made and purchased ($55.00/key: check or cash) then picked up by the new homeowner at:

5656 E. Grant, Suite 200
Tucson, AZ 85712
Ph.: (520) 886-­3181
Contact: Lori Beine, Account Executive

Please remember to call ahead for an appointment.


Pool keys are the primary responsibility of the property owner and cannot be shared with persons outside the immediate family. Pool rules and restrictions are posted at each pool and tightly monitored for the benefit of all owners’ enjoyment and avoidance of costly damage.

Pool Key: I need an EXTRA Pool Key. How do I get one?

The Board of Directors have created a secondary system for a replacement or extra pool key so a non-duplicated key can be made available for $55.00/key (check or cash). You may arrange an appointment to pick up a “new” key at:

5656 E. Grant, Suite 200
Tucson, AZ 85712
Ph.: (520) 886-­3181
Contact: Lori Beine, Account Executive

Please remember to call ahead for an appointment.


Pool keys are the primary responsibility of the property owner and cannot be shared with persons outside the immediate family. Pool rules and restrictions are posted at each pool and tightly monitored for the benefit of all owners’ enjoyment and avoidance of costly damage.


Packrats: What is SMVE HOA doing about packrats in the Commons?

Packrats are native to this area and part of the natural ecosystem.  They are also destructive and messy, and we don’t want them near our homes!  SMVE HOA’s goal is to remove packrat nests in common areas within 75 feet of homes, guest parking areas, and completely from the north and south recreation areas.  For background on the packrat problem, our packrat control program, and how to report packrat nests in the Commons, see Oh Rats! and other articles in the Landscape section of this website.

Packrat nests found on the Homeowner’s personal property are the Homeowner’s financial responsibility. The Association takes care of the Commons only.  Home owners may contact the chair of the Landscape Committee for further information.

Plants: Can I trim the plants in the common area behind my back wall to improve my view?

a) No, homeowners may not trim plants in the common area, but Cherry Landscape can do it for you.  Cherry Landscape is the only agent authorized by the Board to trim vegetation in common areas.

b) If you wish to have Cherry Landscape trim the vegetation in the common area, directly behind your rear patio wall, (at homeowners expense), you need first to set up a consultation with a designated member of the Landscape Committee.  See Tree Trimming Procedure and Forms for a description of the procedure and forms to begin.  See Tree Thinning/Trimming in SMVE for details on Board policy on trimming in the common area and for a description of the one limited circumstance under which a homeowner may trim certain vegetation.


Trash: I need a new waste container to replace mine that is broken or I need a different size container. How can I get one?

Request a replacement container from:


Phone Numbers: 744-2600 or (800) 482-6406
Refer to Customer Account: Sunrise Mountain View Estates
Account ID: 00004-47289-25001
Available Containers: Three sizes of Waste and Recycle containers are available — 32 gal, 64 gal, and 96 gal


The BOD negotiates a contract for solid and recycle waste for all 238 Homeowners. Why? Principally to avoid multiple waste companies on our private streets 5 to 6 days/week. Been there, done that in the early 1990s. Also, several Board members understand negotiation skills, are able to secure discounts, and select larger companies that can re-route another truck when equipment breakdowns occur. Because of high costs for fuel, capital equipment, general liability, and worker’s compensation there are fewer and fewer major haulers in Pima County from which to choose.

Updated: 8/22/2017

Trash: What is the schedule for my curbside trash and recycle pickup?

SMVE HOA has two (2) curbside pickups per week: Trash and Recycling on Monday and Trash only on Thursdays. Please place your containers 4 feet apart so Waste Management can pick up the containers safely. Pickups are delayed by one day after some holidays.  Click here to see if your pickup will be delayed by one day after an upcoming holiday (Waste Management is wholly responsible for the accuracy of the holiday schedule, which is on their website).

Trash: What materials can be recycled?

Waste Management picks up recycling at SMVE each Monday.  Place material to be recycled in the bin with the blue top.

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Website: I don’t see anything–the web page is blank, or says “Whoops! Cannot display PDF file”

Some information, especially forms, are on the website as PDF files.  Occasionally, a PDF file cannot be displayed on a page, and various error messages may occur.  Below the blank space will be a link that says “Download (PDF xxKB)”.  Click on that link to see the file in your browser or to download it to your computer.