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Road work May 2 – May 18

April 18, 2018  News
Apr 182018

Sunrise Mountain View Estates HOA

Road Work Schedule

May 2 – May 18, 2018


The 2018 road work project will begin May 2 and should finish by May 18. Traffic will be somewhat disrupted that entire period and traffic will be completely prohibited (except for emergencies) on Thursday, May 10.

The area to be paved is Via Velazquez, addresses 5117 – 5447. This is the road from Paseo Otono to the mailboxes at the intersection of Via Velazquez and Gelsomino.

The Schedule

May 2 – 3
The road will be pulverized.

May 4 – 9
The road will be graded.

*We expect that on May 4 and May 7 Century Link will take advantage of the road repair on Velazquez to fix sections of its cable there. The current plan calls for six pits to be dug on the east side of Velazquez from 5252 Velazquez to the intersection of Velazquez and Gelsomino. Between the repair vehicles and the pits, passage in these areas will be difficult and you are asked to avoid this stretch of Velazquez especially on these two dates.

May 10
The road will be paved.

May 11 – 18
Final work will be completed. This will involve raising the water valves and manhole covers to the same level as the new pavement. Speed bumps will be installed and painted.

How will residents within the work area be affected?

You should be able to drive from your home towards Territory or Paseo Otono before 6 am and after 5 pm daily. However, there will be barricades around lowered sewer covers and water valves, and the road itself may be gravel instead of paved. At other times of the day, construction workers and equipment may be present, so you will need to drive slowly and cautiously. If at all possible, it will be best if you avoid driving through the work area.

When work is done immediately in front of your house, your drive will be blocked and you will not be able to enter or exit for a couple hours. On paving day you will not be able to drive the entire stretch of road, and we ask that you also not walk on the new pavement until the road is re-opened.

On days that access is blocked, you may park outside the paving area the night before. If you will be unable to walk to your home from where you park your car, please notify us by April 25 as we are evaluating whether to have a golf cart and driver available to transport you between your car and home.

For safety reasons and to avoid damage to the road being worked on, we want to keep traffic to a minimum and especially avoid heavy vehicles and trailers. Please avoid starting construction projects at your home during May 2-May 10. If you have a project already in process, please arrange for your contractor not to work during that period.

If you use regular contractors, such as cleaning or landscaping services, please schedule their visits before May 2 and after May 10. If you have home health care, or otherwise need regular visits to your home, please contact us with details so that we can find a way for necessary services to reach your house on all days.

No parking will be permitted anywhere on the street between May 2 – May 18. Vehicles parked on the street during this time will be towed at the homeowner’s expense.

Mail Delivery

We are working with the Post Office so that mail delivery can be continued through this paving project. We have contacted delivery services such as UPS and FedEx and they are aware of road restrictions.

Garbage Pick-Up

The contractor has recommended that heavy trucks be kept off the roadway for three days after paving. Based on our current schedule (which has the road being paved on May 10), this recommendation will result in Waste Management skipping its Thursday, May 10 pickup for all of Velazquez and upper Gelsomino.This is necessary because the trucks can’t turn around on our narrow roads.

If you absolutely must have garbage picked up on May 10, we recommend that you put your trash in smaller bags and carry it to a road where normal trash service will occur. If the paving date changes, we will advise you of the revised service schedule.

Finally, if you are thinking about taking a vacation in May, May 2-May 10 would be an excellent time to be away. If you will indeed be away during this time period, please let us know so that we can concentrate on communicating with those who will be affected by the road work. We understand that this work will be disruptive, and want to do what we can to minimize the inconvenience.

You are invited to attend a meeting on Thursday, April 26 at 4 PM in the clubhouse to review details.

Who to call with questions

To share the workload, if you have questions please contact the Board member assigned to your address.

For residents at 5117-5340 Velazquez: Kathy Mitton, 520-979-1218,

For residents at 5345-5560 Velazquez: Bill Coan, 920-470-3940,

For residents on Gelsomino:  Kiki Cheney, 520-704-2010,


Steve Struck
Chair Roads Committee, Sunrise Mountain View Estates HOA

Apr 172018


The Board meets on the third Monday of every month at 3:30 PM in the clubhouse, and all homeowners are welcome to attend. Below are some highlights from the April Board meeting:



  • Treasurer, Tom Kelley, reported we are on track with our operational expenses with 62k net spending.
  • Six homes are for sale in SMVE (which has 238 homes), and 3 of them have offers. 3 homes have been sold this year.

Committee Updates

Architecture Committee

  • Bill Coan and the architecture committee recommended including garage door standards in the Architectural Standards and this was approved. The committee articulated the existing undocumented standard (must be painted cliff brown, must be 8 raised panels, etc.) Architecture standards available on the website will be updated accordingly.
  • Architecture sought approval for maintenance-related fines. Examples of maintenance issues are garage doors that need painting, tipped over light posts, a gate that hangs off its hinges. The Board approved a fine of $10 a day for any violation that continues 45 days after notice is given.
  • Architecture also sought approval to increase the fine for structural changes.  Examples of a structural change is installing a new driveway or a wall or when a new structure is added without prior approval.  The Board approved a fine of $1,000/month for any violation that continues 60 days after a violation notice is issued.

Recreation Committee

  • Laura Franklin reported that “sleeves” will be put on the pool ladders to solve the problem of the powder coating disintegrating on some of the railings.
  • Laura noted that Water Aerobics has started.
  • Laura thanked the Hospitality Committee for all the wonderful events the volunteers have hosted this year. Jane Spalding, Hospitality Chair, said the committee loves to hear feedback (good and bad) about events, and encouraged everyone to contact her or other committee members.

Security Committee

  • Phil Mowbray summarized the security incidents that have occurred this year (cactus stolen out of yards, unlocked car rifled through, and an attempted break-in). He reminded everyone to be attentive to strangers and to lock cars parked on the street.

Roads Committee

  • Kathy Mitton (for Steve Struck) noted that roadwork on Velazquez is scheduled to begin May 2 and finish May 18th (approximately). Pulverization is scheduled for May 2 and May 3. Paving is scheduled for May 10, and driving on Velazquez that day will be prohibited. After May 10 speed bumps will be installed and lines will be painted. An alert will go out this week with more information to those affected by the road work.

Other News

  • The next hospitality event is scheduled for this Thursday (April 19th) at 5PM in the clubhouse. All are welcome!
  • Pam Negri reported that progress is being made on getting Pima County to pave Territory Drive between Gray Mountain Trail and Craycroft. Pam reported that Chuck Huckleberry recommended approval to move $16 million of 1997 bond funds to repair failed roads and Territory is on the official list of roads to be repaired. A big thank you to Pam for all her hard work in pushing for a repave of Territory!
  • The next board meeting will be on May 21.
✉ by Donna McBain Evans
Apr 152018
You are invited! The event below is part of of SNAP’s 2018 Senior Living Education Series. No registration is required. All that’s needed is curiosity! The event will be held at the Lutheran Church of the Foothills (5102 N. Craycroft Road – at Territory).

Monday, April 23, 2-3:30 PM: Fostering Civil Discourse in the Neighborhood

Speaker: Basant Virdee, Communications Coordinator at The University of Arizona National Institute for Civil Discourse

Soon after the tragic shootings in Tucson on January 8, 2011 the National Institute for Civil Discourse became a reality and now has offices at the University of Arizona and in Washington, D.C. Currently the Institute is concentrating on building healthy conversation skills in Arizona, Iowa, Ohio and Maine. Basant Virdee will facilitate conversation opportunities that help people listen to and learn from each other. This cordial atmosphere of mutual respect and active listening encourages and enhances civil discourse. Join us as we sharpen our skills in civil discourse and learn more about Fostering Civil Discourse in the Neighborhood.

What is SNAP?

SNAP stands for Sunrise Neighborhood Assistance Program. It is a dedicated group of your neighbors who provide FREE support services to disabled or elderly residents in the area bordered by Craycroft, Sunrise, Kolb/Sabino and River roads.

Its mission is to provide an array of “neighbors helping neighbors” volunteer services, educational programs and social events that assist and support residents who choose to age-in-place in their own homes – for as long as possible.

Who can use SNAP?

Any resident (55+) within the service area can use SNAP services and participate in SNAP programs and events.

Is SNAP really FREE?

Absolutely! Thanks to its volunteers, SNAP clients pay nothing for services they receive. However, there are expenses to keep SNAP operating and for those it needs your help.

As an IRS-designated 501(c)(3) organization, SNAP relies on tax deductible charitable contributions. EVERY DONATION HELPS.

Please call the SNAPLine: (520) 437-9556 or email  or visit the SNAP website at www.sunrisesnap.org.

Apr 112018

On Monday, April 16th, the Board will hold its monthly meeting in the clubhouse. The agenda for this meeting, draft Minutes from the monthly Board meeting held on March 19th, and Financials have been posted on the Board Meetings page and are available to homeowners who login to the website.

If you have forgotten your username and/or password, please contact me and I will send you the information.

A reminder that homeowners (or their representatives) are welcome to attend the meeting.

✉ Kiki Cheney
Apr 112018

At the Neighborhood Watch Meeting on March 10th, Tim Torres from Rural Metro offered to provide CPR and Water Safety Training if people indicated interest. We have heard from 15 people so far and have room for 5 more.

If you would like to participate, please email Kiki Cheney to reserve your spot. (The current CPR training does not include mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and the water safety portion of the class will not require getting in the pool.)

The training will take place on Saturday, April 28th, from 9:00 AM – 12:30 PM in the clubhouse.

Questions? Contact Kiki Cheney

✉ email


Celebrate Spring!

April 10, 2018  Activities, News
Apr 102018

Thursday, April 19th
5 PM – 7 PM
in the clubhouse and pool area

Celebrate spring and beautiful, cool evenings with the community. Join your friends and neighbors (potential new friends) and enjoy nibblies and drinks. Pop in for just a few minutes or enjoy some relaxed time at the pool and clubhouse.

The volunteer Hospitality Committee members will provide paper cups, napkins, etc. You bring whatever you’d like to share in the way of drinks and appetizers – – as well as your joie de vivre!

Questions? Contact Hospitality Committee member, Diane Meuser.


Apr 022018

Opportunity is not always a good thing!

Crimes of opportunity are committed without planning. The perpetrator sees a chance to commit the act at a particular moment and seizes the opportunity. These crimes need to be executed quickly in order to be successful.

While we live in a safe neighborhood, we’re not immune to crime. Unlocked cars have been rifled through and garden tools have been taken from backyards.

The Sheriff’s office speculates that a recently attempted break–in was a crime of opportunity. It theorizes that the perpetrator saw the couple leave the house and seized the opportunity to break in. Fortunately, the couple had locked their doors so what looked like an easy burglary ended up taking too much time, and the perpetrator left empty handed.

Here are some tips to help you avoid being a victim of an opportunistic crime:

  • Keep all doors and windows locked. If you have an alarm, activate it!
  • Always hang spare keys out of reach from the doors and windows.
  • Never leave bikes, tools, sporting equipment or any other valuable items sitting unattended around your home.
  • Never leave laptops, purses, keys, cameras or other valuable items next to a door or visible from a window.
  • Never leave your car unlocked if parked in the driveway or on the street.
  • Never leave valuables visible in your car. If you must leave them in your car unattended, place them in the trunk before you reach your destination.
  • Do not leave exterior lights on during day, but do have lights on timers at night and when not at home.

Ultimately, pay attention to your surroundings. If you see something or even merely suspect something, call 911.

Mar 292018
SMVE will continue its program of reconstructing our roads with work on N. Via Velazquez this May.

That portion of the road which will be worked on begins where Paseo Otono meets N. Via Velazquez and continues south to just beyond the mailboxes where the street intersects with Gelsomino.

The general schedule has work beginning on May 1st and the actual paving being done on May 8th.

The process will be very much like last year’s. The contractor (Tucson Asphalt) will pulverize and remove the existing 2 inches of asphalt and 6 inches of base material. This material will be mixed, laid back down, and compacted. 2 inches of new asphalt will then be laid down. Those good with math will have already figured out that 25% of the material will be hauled away.

The work is estimated to begin on May 1st and continue until it’s finished.

Here are answers to some questions you might have:

When will you be unable to drive on N. Via Velazquez to access your home?

During the initial work of pulverization, grading, and compacting you will be unable to drive in the immediate area of ongoing work. You may have to access your home from a direction different than your usual route.

(You will be able to drive on the street when no work is being carried out – typically before 7 AM and after 5 PM.)

The street is expected to be paved on May 8th. On that day, N. Via Velazquez will be completely closed to traffic – unless there is an emergency.

Will mail delivery be affected?

We anticipate that – except for paving day – the mail carrier will be able to work around the construction and deliver mail to the two mail box areas affected by the work.

Will trash service be affected?

Tucson Asphalt has advised that we keep heavy trucks off the newly paved road for a few days. If the road is paved on Monday, then trash service will occur as scheduled on Thursday. However, if the road is paved on Wednesday, then trash service on Thursday will not happen.

Homeowners who do not live on that portion of N. Via Velazquez being worked on will not have any change in their trash service.

Will there be any street parking available during this week?

NO. Cars parked in the way of construction will be towed at the owner’s expense. Don’t be that person!

What steps can you take to make your life easier during this process?

  • Do not schedule contractors during this period of construction. There will be nowhere for them to park.
  • Try to minimize the number of appointments you make so you needn’t travel as much.
  • Go on vacation!

What should you do if you need special assistance?

If you already know that you will need access during this period (especially on paving day), please contact Steve Struck. As the start date for work approaches, we will let you know who has been assigned to field calls for special needs.

What happens if you ignore traffic barriers?

During last year’s construction a car drove around a barrier and over freshly laid sealing tar. It didn’t end well for the road or the car. Please respect all traffic barriers and the directions of the traffic staff. (You’ll be a good neighbor by not wasting the financial investment your fellow homeowners have made!)

More details will be available as the construction date approaches, and we will share them with you. Thank you in advance for your patience!

Mar 252018
The new Spring 2017 SMVE Newsletter is now available on the website.  Click here to see the newsletter in website article format. To read the newsletter as a PDF file, first login as a SMVE Homeowner and then click here to read the newsletter.