Feb 222015
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Mar 222017
✉ by Kathy Mitton, Landscape Chair


As reported at the annual meeting in February, in 2016 we spent approximately 90% of the allocated landscape budget. Last year was primarily about ongoing maintenance. Three backflow valves were completely replaced. We cleaned out the significant area of deadwood south of Sunrise between Largo Salici and Paseo Otoño which was called out by the fire marshall and we removed several dead trees located on maintained common areas. We also completed a couple of small refresh projects (6) on Velazquez and Sempreverde. These projects involved fixing riprap and swales and adding granite at some of the small common areas. Packrat suppression continued in 2016 with approximately 50 packrat nests removed. Only about 50% of the packrat budget was spent which is in line with limiting our focus areas to those close to parking and housing. In October-December, we completed trimming of trees and this included palm trees at the south pool. Finally we completed one capital project which replaced irrigation lines with PVC.

In 2017 we are again primarily focused on maintenance.  We have directed more of the budget to tree maintenance and reduced the spending on Packrats and Backflow valves.  We hope that with most of the valves being replaced in the last 2 years we will get some relief from needing expensive replacement valves. We also reduced what we will spend on landscape refreshes.   With this in mind, in January and February we spent about 75% of our tree trimming budget on trees in dire need of maintenance (thinning and mistletoe).  We tried out several different vendors in order to stretch our dollars.  We will continue to use a variety of vendors in order to make the best use of the dollars we’ve allocated to tree maintenance.  We have many additional trees in need of maintenance but expect only to do a small portion of the remainder late in the year.  (We don’t trim trees in March-September as this is being bird nesting season).  Trees are costly to maintain but do bring value to the neighborhood (Bartlett indicated our trees add approximately 400k of value to our property).

We do have one refresh that is planned after Paseo Otoño and Sempreverde roads are repaved.  That will be to refresh the north side of Sempreverde across from the pool.  This will complete the refresh of entrance and pool area.

In 2017 we will be notifying homeowners more frequently of problems with weedy yards.  I have been receiving more complaints about the state of some yards with concerns raised around impacting property value of nearby homes.  Please remember that it is your responsibility to keep your yard weed free and looking well maintained even if you are gone for the summer per the Yard Rules and Regulations.  You can be fined up to 10$ a day if you fail to bring your yard into compliance after receiving notification of a problem. Note that removing weeds isn’t the only requirement.  A well maintained yard also has adequate granite covering,  and vegetation (including trees) is neat  (remove dead vegetation, keep trees maintained, if things are overgrown consider replanting).  These things are all spelled out in our Yard Rules and Regulations .

I again want to thank the homeowners who have notified us of water leaks. The faster we address these the less it will impact our water bills. Please don’t hesitate to call or email me if you notice a leak and it is helpful if you specify the time/day you spotted the leak.

Mar 212017
If you are considering planting a tree for shade near your home or replacing an older tree, Tucson Electric Power’s “Trees for You” program has a deal for you. TEP customers may purchase up to three 5-gallon shade trees each calendar year at a reduced price of $5 each. Log onto your account at tep.com, click on Account Summary, then Account Programs, scroll down to Trees for You, select and pay for your trees online. You’ll be notified when the trees are ready for pickup at a local nursery. The only caveat is that you plant the trees within 15 feet of your home on its east, west, or south side to help cut energy costs. Several species of native, low water trees are available to choose.


Mar 212017
The draft meeting minutes from the February 20th Annual Homeowner’s Meeting are now available on the Annual Meetings page. These minutes will be submitted to the membership for approval at the 2017 Annual Homeowner’s meeting.

The approved meeting minutes from the February 22nd Organizational Board of Director’s Meeting are also available  on the Board Meetings page.

Mar 212017
Below are some brief highlights from the March board meeting:

  • The Roads committee is entering the Request For Quote process.  Road work is expected to be done in June/July time frame.
  • Various maintenance activities were discussed.  These will occur when occupancy is lower (in the summer).  These included things like resurfacing the North tennis court, painting wrought iron at south pool, screening the gates so a no key exit can be added, cleaning pool tile at north pool.
  • A single security issue was noted — the pool gate at the south pool was not closed.  If you use either pool, please ensure that the gate closes when you enter or leave!
  • Landscape completed tree maintenance for first half of year.  (Trees are only pruned in January-February and October-December due to bird nesting).  Multiple vendors were used to get best price.  Over 50 of the severity 1 trees have been maintained.  There are still more than 30 trees to go with a number of additional trees that aren’t on the current list but still in bad shape.
  • Notes to homeowners with weedy yards will be sent out this week.  Please ensure you are properly maintaining your yard so it is neat and tidy.  Once notified of a problem, if the yard is not brought into compliance a 10$ a day fine can be imposed with fines being assessed daily until the yard is compliant.  If you are gone for the summer, you are still responsible for ensuring your yard remains weed free!
  • Treasurer Tammy Eversole reported budget is on track for the year.  Tammy also noted that the monthly accounting procedures were switched back to modified cash basis and the January and February financial statements were restated accordingly.  The updated statements are available on the Financials tab.  Note that you must sign in to see them.
✉ by Kathy Mitton, SMVE HOA Vice President

Phone: (cell)

Mar 202017
✉ Guy Scharf, President, SMVE HOA


I want to thank all the homeowners who attended our Annual Meeting on Monday, February 20, 2017.  I especially appreciated hearing everyone’s comments during the open question session at the end of the meeting.  We welcomed your advice on questions of audits, printing the homeowner directory, and the best time to maintain our streets.  The Annual Meeting is a great way to hear the concerns of our homeowners and your thoughts on issues facing us.

Remember you can raise issues at any regularly scheduled Board meeting.  We have time set aside at each meeting to hear homeowner concerns.

At the Annual Meeting you elected Steve Struck and Phil Mowbray to 3-year terms on the Board of Directors.  You approved the minutes of the 2016 meeting. Thank your for participating in the advisory vote on whether we should have a formal audit of our books—no one thought that was necessary.

On the following Wednesday, the Board appointed Tammy Eversole to the Board and elected officers for 2017.  Please welcome the new officers:

✉ President - Guy Scharf

✉ Vice President - Kathy Mitton

✉ Secretary - Larry Spencer

✉ Treasurer - Tammy Eversole


Mar 162017
The agenda for the March 20, 2017 SMVE Board of Directors meeting has been posted on the Board Meetings page and is available to homeowners who login to the website.  Other materials such as financial reports and policy changes are attached to the agenda. Consider printing a copy and bringing it with you to the meeting as we will not provide additional copies at the board meeting.

Mar 122017

Water Aerobics Begins Tuesday, April 4

Water aerobics classes are held in the North Pool Recreation Area and are open to all SMVE residents.  Classes begin April 4, 2017 and end in September.

Classes are on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 8:00am to 9:00am.  A kickboard is required; a noodle is optional.

Please join us for fun and exercise!

For more information, contact Frankie Paulus at .

Mar 102017


Join us to learn More About SNAP

Thursday evening, March 23, 2017

7-8 pm

at the SMVE clubhouse


Here is your chance to get information about the Sunrise Neighborhood Assistance Program, a volunteer program in our neighborhood that helps people live independently as long as possible in their own homes. We’ll get an overview of SNAP history, what the current needs are, suggestions for how volunteers can get involved, and info about the upcoming neighborhood House Tour fundraiser.  Tiny Read will be our speaker.

Refreshments will be served.

Questions? call Jane Spalding 520-615-502.

If you, or someone you know, need a ride to the clubhouse that night please call Jane to set it up!

Mar 052017
It’s time to start thinking about the weeds cropping up in your front yard. The winter rains have provided the necessary moisture for a good crop of spring weeds.  As per HOA yard rules and regulations, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to keep the visable yard maintained and weed free at all times (see Yard Rules and Regulations). Please evaluate your front yard and address any weed problem you might have.  In the picture above, the left yard has a plethora of weeds whereas the right yard is virtually weed free.  Most of us choose this HOA because we appreciate the well maintained appearance of the homes, yards, and key facilities.  Please, as a property owner, do your part to keep it that way.

If you use a pre-emergent, remember that it will generally prevent new weeds but won’t kill existing weeds.  If you have weeds in your yard now, you will either need to use weed killer (and have dead plants removed) or you will need to pull those weeds out. The weed in the picture on right is green now but it is still a weed. When a yard is full of these misplaced plants, it is time to get serious about removal.  

Don’t forget that cholla stem segments lying on the ground that are full of needles should also be removed along with dying agaves that have bloomed.  To avoid a problem with a stalk falling into the street you can cut the stalks before they topple and then schedule removal of the agave.

Finally, don’t forget that your front yard should have a granite ground cover.  This is specified in the Yard Rules and Regulations.  Over time gravel coverings on the yard can become quite sparse due to repeated grooming from landscapers.  If you haven’t reapplied gravel in many years, review the coverage and ensure it is still adequate.

For those of you headed to cooler climates for the summer, ensure you have a weed strategy for your home while you are gone. Even though you might be absent, you are still responsible for keeping  your yard weed free and looking well maintained.   Here are some items to think about:

  • Consider using a pre-emergent to prevent weeds (see Pre-Emergents).  The HOA maintained common areas are sprayed twice a year (January and July) to assist in keeping weeds down. This doesn’t solve the problem completely but it reduces the effort needed between sprayings.
  • Have a regular landscaper who comes at least once a month and make sure they include weed removal in their monthly yard maintenance.
  • If you don’t employ a regular landscaper and aren’t here during the summer months, ask your house sitter or neighbor to let you know if the yard gets weedy and know who you would contact to address the problem
  • Don’t overlook the weeds popping up between the cracks in the driveway and sidewalks! (Tip: needle nose pliers are a great tool to pull up a single weed by the root.)
  • Remember that things such as Penstemon, Desert Bluebells and other native wildflowers look great when they bloom but then they dry out and simply look like brown, dead weeds. Plan to have the dead plants or stalks removed after the blooming season is over or your yard will look like it is full of dead weeds.

Please help ensure our community looks its best for you, your neighbors, friends and visitors and do your part by maintaining all your visible landscape. Notes to homeowners with weedy yards will go out end of March.  Remember you can be fined $10 a day until your yard is brought into compliance.

✉ by Kathy Mitton, SMVE Landscape Chair Phone: (cell)