Feb 222015
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Apr 222017
The new Spring 2017 SMVE Newsletter is now available on the website.  Click here to see the newsletter in website article format. To read the newsletter as a PDF file, first login as a SMVE Homeowner and then click here to read the newsletter.

Apr 222017
The board has been considering for several months the efficacy of Central Alarm security services and what level of service would be most appropriate for us. Central Alarm drove through SMVE HOA 4 times a day during daylight hours and checked pools and gates. Additionally, on Friday and Saturday nights and holidays, after pool closing hours, a Central Alarm supervisor checked the pools and gates. Effective April 21, the board has agreed to reduce the Central Alarm service to just the Friday, Saturday and holiday check of the pool after closing hours. In six months we will re-evaluate the service to determine what service level is warranted.

In reaching this decision many factors were considered. In 2008, the HOA began utilizing Central Alarm on an evening only basis because of some incidents at the pools. Over time this level morphed into a 4 times a day, 7 days a week check. A number of residents have questioned whether this was a necessary expenditure. In making this decision, the board considered both the low crime nature of the area, the possibility that the simple presence of the security company acted as a deterrent, the lack of any significant incident caught by the security company, the incidents the company did catch (primarily pool gates left open), and cost (we spent $9,000 last year and budgeted $10,000 for this year). Board Member Larry Spencer also talked with 9 other Fairfield HOAs and learned that none of them use a security service. These HOAs indicate that they don’t experience any significant issues. The most common problems reported are kids climbing walls/fences to use the pool (trespassing without damage) and garage doors left open which could attract thieves.

The board elected to continue for the time being the Friday and Saturday late night pool checks because the pools are an attractive nuisance easily accessed from Sunrise and Territory but we are discontinuing the daytime checks.

For homeowners absent for extended periods, please consider making use of the FREE service from the Pima County Sheriff’s department (520-351-4511). If you are out of town for more than 7 days you can request a regular inspection by a Sheriff’s Auxiliary volunteer in a marked sheriff’s vehicle.

✉ by Guy Scharf, SMVE President

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Apr 192017
Below are some brief highlights from the April board meeting:

  • Treasurer Tammy Eversole reported budget is on track for the year.
  • Notices to homeowners with weedy yards went out March 26.  Those who have not completed cleanup by Friday April 21 will get a violation notice. If you are a homeowner who has received a notice and has not yet attended to your yard, you still have a few days left to clean up your weeds.
  • For several months we have been discussing reducing Central Alarm coverage and board approved reducing coverage to weekend evenings only.  The daytime patrol seemed to add little value given the low crime nature of our community and the amount of homeowners out and about during the day. This change is effective immediately.
  • One of the 2 heaters at North pool expired and will be replaced.  We are investigating re-strapping the pool chairs at the North Pool to cure the discoloration.  If this is successful, the South Pool chairs will be done.  There is not yet a target date for this.
  • Screens have been installed at North and South Pool main gates in preparation for installation of a thumb latch so no key is needed to exit. Work is expected to be completed this month or early May.
  • Homeowners should never prop a pool gate open.  Several instances of this have been encountered recently.  The pool rules are being updated to include this rule.  Anyone seeing a gate propped open should remove the gate prop and ensure the gate is securely closed.
  • Revised Approved Paint Colors were approved.  Key items to be aware of is that Dunn-Edwards “velvet” is now allowed (not just flat).  Also Dunn-Edwards  EVSH may be where SSHL is specified on our Approved Paint Colors document.
  • Board approved updating the Reserve Study.  Work on updates is expected to start this summer.
  • Sidewalks to be repaired have been marked with yellow paint throughout the community.  Bids are being sought and there is not yet a target date for repair work.
  • Road work continues.  The committee hopes to have the RFP out later this week.
  • The North tennis court will be resurfaced in June.
✉ by Kathy Mitton, SMVE HOA Vice President

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Apr 182017
We have updated the Approved Paint Colors document to reflect changes in product names, codes, and telephone numbers.  The approved colors have not changed.

Last year’s standards continue to be acceptable, but there are two changes that a homeowner might wish to take advantage of:

  • For smooth surfaces like garage doors and trim for which “flat” gloss level was required you may now use “velvet”.  The difference is hard to see but velvet should have better wear characteristics.
  • Previous documents specified SSHL paint for many surfaces: Dunn-Edwards SpartanShield, called their “premium paint.”  We now also allow EVSH: Dunn-Edwards EverShield, called their “ultra premium” paint for those who choose to use it.  EVSH is more expensive than SSHL.

Click on Approved Paint Colors to see the updated paint color documentation.

✉ by Guy Scharf, Chair, Architecture Committee

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Apr 182017
The Board has updated the Pool and Spa Rules document to include that the gates to the pool area must always be closed and locked. You may not block a gate open so that others may enter the pool area later.  Keeping the gate closed and latched is required by county code, statute, and our insurance.

If you are expecting others to arrive, keep an eye on the gate so you can open it from the inside. To make this more convenient, you will soon be able to open the gate from the inside without a key.

Our pool and spa rules require that you shower before using the pool or spa or before re-entering either after applying sun-tan lotion or other products. We have showers at both the North and South pools for your use. Because the showers are public you should have no expectation of privacy, so please keep your suit on when showering.

Please do not jump directly into the pool after playing tennis, running, or just being sweaty.  Body oils and lotions can contaminate the water more than filters can take care of. The spa may have a lot of foam when overloaded with oils. We must call the pool maintenance service to treat the water with chemicals to return it to a clear, non-foaming state. The fewer chemicals we need to use, the better for everyone.

Please remind your guests that infants and others with diapers are not permitted in the pool or spa. Unfortunately, “leak proof” diapers aren’t; see our Swimming Hygiene page about diapers.

Thank you for helping keep the pool and spa clean and beautiful for everyone.

Click to read the Pool and Spa Rules.

by ✉ Guy Scharf, President, SMVE HOAPhone: ; (cell)

Apr 132017
The agenda for the April 17, 2017 SMVE Board of Directors meeting has been posted on the Board Meetings page and is available to homeowners who login to the website.  Other materials such as financial reports and policy changes are attached to the agenda. Consider printing a copy and bringing it with you to the meeting as we will not provide additional copies at the board meeting.

Apr 112017



Wednesday, April 12, 2017

5 – 7 p.m.

SMVE Clubhouse

All Residents Welcome (Homeowners & Tenants)


Please plan to come to the next neighborhood meet and greet.  The HOA Hospitality Committee will provide cups*, napkins, and such.  Bring your own beverage of choice and an appetizer to share.  Mark you calendar now, then come and enjoy a nice evening at the North pool!

Come and meet your neighbors for a celebration of community in a casual setting; a drop-in opportunity to mingle and meet up with neighbors old and new.  We look forward to seeing you.

For more information contact Pat Larson (520-529-0821), Hospitality Committee.

* If you bring your own cups, please remember no glass is permitted. Also, the SMVE alcohol policy restricts such beverages to the clubhouse and ramadas.

Originally published March 30, 2017.  Updated April 11 as a reminder.

Apr 072017
A limited number of printed Homeowner Directories are now available. Because homeowners can easily access the Directory at our SMVE website, the Board decided not to print a copy for every homeowner to save money.  The online directory will be updated in real time; printed copies will be produced infrequently.

If you want a printed copy and are unable to create your own, ✉ email Pam Negri, Homeowner Directory Manager, at directory@smve.org; or call . Requests will be honored on a first-come, first served basis. You can pick up one at Pam’s home or have one dropped off at your home; however, Directories will not be mailed.