Feb 222015
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Jun 212018
Due to a major leak in water line feeding South Pool, water is shut off and there is NO plumbing (no water for showers or toilets). A plumbing company has been notified but there is no target date yet for resolution. It may likely be several days before we get this resolved. You can use the pool but there is no working water for showers or toilets.

Jun 052018

Two pair of men’s brown glasses were found Monday, June 4th just south of the Velazquez/Gelsomino mailboxes, each with a case. It looks like someone might have placed them on the roof of their car and driven off. If they are yours or you know who they belong to (perhaps a worker at your house?) contact ✉ Kathy Mitton.

May 212018
We continue to have some issues with unauthorized access by non residents at the South Pool. Here are some things each of us can do to try to limit our exposure to these problems:

  • Always ensure the gate securely locks behind you.
  • Keep track of your pool keys and do not share your key with non residents.
  • Lock the driveway gate after you leave if you are leaving at night or late afternoon.
  • Call 911 if you see someone hop the wall or otherwise make a non authorized entrance.  (Have a description of the person at hand). The South Pool address is 6595 E Territory. 
  • Report any security issues you see to a member of the board.
  • You can always use the emergency phone to call 911 if you don’t have your cell phone on you

We still have issues with a specific homeless person jumping the pool wall of the south pool in order to use the facility. He generally does this early in the morning (between 4a.m. and 6a.m.) and typically only does it when no vehicles are at the pool. (He has been surprised when an early morning swimmer walked to the pool and he wasn’t alerted by the sound of a car). The sheriff has been alerted and has promised to check more frequently. We have a “ticket” on record and should you encounter this person or see any person hop the wall, please call 911 and it would be helpful to tell them we have an open ticket for address 6595 E Territory. The ticket number is 1804 11 155.

We are investigating what other security measures can be put in place (for a reasonable cost) at the south pool.  This will take some time to complete an analysis of different options and costs so in the meantime please help us by following the steps noted at the top of the article.

May 182018
You are invited! The event below is part of of SNAP’s 2018 Senior Living Education Series. No registration is required. All that’s needed is curiosity! The event will be held at the Lutheran Church of the Foothills (5102 N. Craycroft Road – at Territory).

Monday, April 23, 2-3:30 PM: Tips on Planning a Funeral

Speakers: Pastor John Lillie(Lutheran Church of the Foothills) and Terrence Higgs (Eastlawn Palms Cemetery)

Join us for supportive conversation and inspiration, as we explore the spiritual resources and the tools to take practical steps for outlining funeral planning for yourself or for a loved one.

Death is certainly part of our lives! But most of us aren’t comfortable with end-of-life planning, which can leave us unprepared and overwhelmed. Although grief and loss are emotional experiences we all must face, pre-planning our final arrangements may help relieve this stress. Take home printed materials will be provided as part of this workshop.

What is SNAP?

SNAP stands for Sunrise Neighborhood Assistance Program. It is a dedicated group of your neighbors who provide FREE support services to disabled or elderly residents in the area bordered by Craycroft, Sunrise, Kolb/Sabino and River roads.

Its mission is to provide an array of “neighbors helping neighbors” volunteer services, educational programs and social events that assist and support residents who choose to age-in-place in their own homes – for as long as possible.

Who can use SNAP?

Any resident (55+) within the service area can use SNAP services and participate in SNAP programs and events.

Is SNAP really FREE?

Absolutely! Thanks to its volunteers, SNAP clients pay nothing for services they receive. However, there are expenses to keep SNAP operating and for those it needs your help.

As an IRS-designated 501(c)(3) organization, SNAP relies on tax deductible charitable contributions. EVERY DONATION HELPS.

Please call the SNAPLine: (520) 437-9556 or email  or visit the SNAP website at www.sunrisesnap.org.

May 162018

The street sweeper will be here Monday May 21. Please avoid parking in the street and please ask your guests and contractors to temporarily use your driveway and/or overflow parking so that we can maximize the benefit of the sweeping. They are expected around 7-8a.m. and it will take a few hours to do all the streets. Thanks in advance!

May 132018

On Monday, May 21st, the Board will hold its monthly meeting in the clubhouse. The agenda for this upcoming meeting, draft Minutes from the last monthly Board meeting on April 16th, and Financials have been posted on the Board Meetings page and are available to homeowners who login to the website.

If you have forgotten your username and/or password, please contact me and I will send you the information.

A reminder that homeowners (or their representatives) are welcome to attend the meeting.

✉ Kiki Cheney
May 082018

Dues invoices for the second half of 2018 will go out shortly so they arrive in your mailbox by June 1.  If your mailing address or phone number has changed – and you have not given the new information to the HOA – now would be an excellent time to do that!  If you send a note to , your information will be updated – and you won’t miss any important correspondence. Thanks in advance!