Feb 222015
Welcome to the Sunrise Mountain View Estates HOA website.  SMVE.ORG is a work in progress and errors, omissions, and inconsistencies may exist. We will adjust the website in an ongoing fashion as necessary.

If this is your first visit, you may find the Getting Started page helpful in describing how the website is organized.

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Jan 162020

This website is now inactive.  All NEW content is at Cadden Connect.   All existing content has been migrated to the new site.

The new site significantly reduces the efforts required by volunteers to maintain information.  To locate information formerly found on smve.org, sign on and look at the Resources Tab. From there you can select Finances, Budget, Architecture, Landscape, etc and find the information that was previously maintained at SMVE.ORG.

You can arrange to get regular updates on “news” important to homeowners by updating your profile to specify the mechanism (text, email) and frequency that you’d like to be notified of news.

The Community feed is where news for homeowners is posted.  You can be automatically notified like you were with SMVE.ORG by updating your profile.

You can also update your profile to specify how you want to be reflected in the homeowner directory (email, phone, both).

The Cadden Connect site require registration and you will be assigned a unique userid and password. If you have not already registered and logged in the following are the options to get access

  • Text “caddenconnect” to 59248 and receive a text back with a mobile app download link
  • Search for the mobile app “Cadden Connect” in Google Play store
  • Go to sunrisemountainviewestates.nabrnetwork.com and follow instructions on the page

We hope to provide some sessions soon to help homeowners explore Cadden Connect and get connected.


Jun 242019
You still have 5 days to get your second half dues paid.  Dues are owed by Monday July 1 and a late fee will be charged if they aren’t received by July 15.  Remember that our CC&Rs state that you are responsible for getting your dues turned in on time regardless of whether there is any irregularity in receiving your invoice.

If for some reason you didn’t receive your invoice, contact Cadden at 520-297-0797 to ensure your permanent mailing address is correct for future notifications.



Jun 132019
 The invoice for second half dues was mailed this week.  Dues are owed by July 1 and are delinquent (a late fee is charged) after July 15.  If for some reason you don’t receive your invoice, contact Cadden at 520-297-0797.  Remember that we are sending our dues to a new address and this is specified on the invoice.  You also have the option now of paying your dues electronically.

Remember that our CC&Rs state that you are responsible for getting your dues turned in on time regardless of whether or not you receive an invoice!

p.s.  If you have not signed up for Cadden Connect, please do so.  Soon all communications will be migrated to Cadden Connect.


May 242019

The north pool restrooms and shower are undergoing renovation. This includes new locks, lighting, hand dryers, tiles, and fixtures and for the shower a comfort pump to get warm water to the shower quickly. There are several trades involved. The work has started, and the entire process should be completed this summer. In the meantime, restrooms will be intermittently out of commission while work is being done, but we will attempt to keep at least one open for use whenever possible.

May 062019

Remember road sealing starts Tuesday morning.  Tuesday you will only able to drive 1 way on the affected roads (drive north towards Sunrise) while the west side of the road is sealed (the side with the odd number house numbers)

Wednesday you will only be able to drive 1 way on the affected roads (drive south towards Territory) while the east side of the road is sealed (the side with even number houses).

NO PARKING on on streets!

DO NOT CROSS WET PAVEMENT!  Let it dry for 24 hours before crossing.


Contact Steve Struck with questions ✉ Steve Struck, Maintenance Chair with phone:  


May 052019

Did you leave wireless headphones on a table at the north pool?  If so, contact Larry Spencer ✉ Larry Spencer phone:   and make arrangements to pick them up.

May 032019
Sunrise Neighborhood Assistance Program is focusing its next education program on Senior Safety and Security.

This “info expo” education program will focus on the impact of safety and security as we “age in place” in our community.  Our featured speakers are Rural Metro Battalion Chief John Walka, Sheriff’s Department Deputy Rosebeck and Tim Rollins and Sue Stensel of the Pima County Sheriff’s Volunteer Auxiliary Watch.

Information tables will be available with a variety of home safety and senior security resources — including senior lock box program, lifeline alerts, consumer fraud, internet safety, locks and safes, and home security. 

The community is invited to this important educational program.
SNAP looks forward to seeing you on Monday, May 6, from 2 – 3:30pm at the Lutheran Church of the Foothills Activity Room (Craycroft and Territory).

Questions? Call the SNAP line: 520-437-9556 or email:

Apr 302019

Do you still have questions about what is happening on the roads next week?  Come with your questions, Friday May 3 at 4:15PM in the clubhouse and we’ll answer any questions you have about what is happening and what you will or will not be able to do May 7-9 when the newly constructed roads are sealed.

Not able to make it?  Be sure to check information on the kiosks at the mailboxes as any late breaking news will be posted there.

If you think your neighbor might not be aware (perhaps they don’t have a computer or have been out of town, or have in-home care), please be a good neighbor and help ensure they are aware of the work!

Not able to make the meeting but have questions?  You can still contact Steve Struck ✉ Steve Struck, Maintenance Chair with phone:  


Apr 302019

The Sunrise Neighborhood Assistance Program (SNAP) is searching for a person to fill a part-time, paid Volunteer Coordinator position.  SNAP is a non-profit, volunteer program based in the Sunrise neighborhoods. It provides free services through volunteers for transportation, education, and socialization experiences that will help our homeowners age in place.  The Volunteer Coordinator position is 20 hours a week but flexible.  They prefer the position be filled in by a person in the Sunrise area so it can truly be neighbors helping neighbors.  See the document below for more information if you think this might be for you!

Download (PDF, 127KB)

Apr 272019
If you are interested in getting an advance look (and providing input) on the tile selected for the north pool bathrooms and shower, please come Tuesday afternoon, 3PM, April 30,  at the clubhouse. You’ll have an opportunity to see the proposed tile and provide feedback. This is your opportunity to express an opinion!