Documents & Policies

Revised October 23, 2018

Core Documents

Reserve Study

The Reserve Study is available only to SMVE homeowners. Please login as a SMVE homeowner to see the Reserve Study.

Other documents of interest

Rules, Policies, Forms

The policies below have been extracted from newsletters, consolidated policy documents, and other sources so they could be placed here as one policy per page. If a subject does not have a link to a web page, that subject may not yet be available onlin. This list may not include all policies or be fully updated, and may contain errors or omissions. The website is very much a work in progress as changes are still being made. We will adjust the website in an ongoing fashion as necessary.


Rules and Policies amplify and clarify the application of the CC&R terms.  They were originally prepared by Fairfield and have been modified over the years by the Board of Directors. They can be amended either by the Board of Directors or by vote of the Homeowners.  Current operational forms for the Association are included at the end of this Rules, Policies, and Forms section. Committee chairs may use these or similar forms in the execution of their duties. Homeowners are urged to complete and submit the appropriate forms as needs arise, whether copied from this website or provided by a Committee member.


  1. Enforcement Procedures
  2. Fee for Transfer of Ownership
  3. Responsibilities of Homeowners for Acts of Tenants and Others


  1. General
  2. How to Receive a Faster Response from the Architecture Committee
  3. Request to Make Exterior Architectural Changes
  4. Architectural Process Checklist
  5. Contractor Checklist
  6. Architectural Forms Package (Consolidated) This package includes in a single PDF file all SMVE forms needed by a homeowner contemplating a typical exterior architectural change: Request to Make Exterior Architectural Changes; Architectural Process Checklist; and Contractor Checklist.
  7. Architectural Violations and Penalties
  8. Use of Roll-Off Containers and Dumpsters

Use of Your Property

  1. Information Required
  2. Animals — Dog and Pet Rules
  3. Curfew after 10:00 PM
  4. Discharge of Weapons, Firecrackers
  5. Estate Sales, Garage Sales, Yard Sales
  6. Outdoor Flag Display and Flagpoles
  7. Restriction of Residential Recreational Courts (Basketball)
  8. Roll-off Containers, Dumpsters
  9. Seasonal Lighting and Decorations
  10. Signs
  11. Tree Thinning/Trimming Behind Back Wall to Improve Views
  12. Unlawful to Feed Wildlife
  13. Use of Storage Containers (PODS)
  14. Yard Rules and Regulations

Common Area

  1. Parking Policy
  2. Parking of RVs, Motorhomes, Inoperable Vehicles
  3. Off-Road Vehicles and Bicycles Prohibited in Unpaved Common Areas
  4. Unlicensed Vehicles
  5. Alcohol Consumption Policy
  6. Tree Thinning/Trimming in SMVE


  1. Pools and Spas
  2. Tennis Courts
  3. SMVE Clubhouse
  4. Reserving the Clubhouse

HOA Management

  1. Meetings
  2. Board Policies and Procedures
  3. Landscaping
  4. Maintenance
    • Sidewalk Repair Policy
  5. Financial Policies and Procedures


  1. Architectural Change Forms
  2. Homeowner Information Form
  3. Tenant Information Form
  4. Tree Trimming Forms
  5. Landscape Approval Form
  6. Reserving the Clubhouse (by homeowners)
  7. Renting the Clubhouse (by restricted third parties)
  8. Estate Sale Form