Mar 202018

If you want to get a fast response from the Architectural Committee, it helps to know what the committee does when it receives a request to make exterior architectural changes.

First the committee Chair makes sure that the request is complete, which is to say, that it contains all the information needed to evaluate the request.

If any information is missing, or if the Chair feels that additional information would help the committee to reach a decision in favor of the request, the Chair contacts the homeowner and asks for that information.

After all the information is in hand, the Chair sends a copy of the request and any supporting documents, including drawings and photos, to every member of the committee.

Committee members review the request for compliance with SMVE CC&Rs and Architectural Guidelines and discuss their findings until all members feel that they have a full understanding of the request. In rare cases, one or more committee members might identify a concern requiring further data collection or consultation to support the request, in which case the committee might tour the immediate area around the homeowner’s property or consult the HOA Board or its attorney.

Although SMVE CC&Rs allow the committee up to thirty (30) days to respond to a request, the committee in all cases strives to respond as quickly as possible. In many cases the committee is able to respond within as little as 48 to 72 hours after all supporting documents are in hand.

If you want to receive a response from the committee as quickly as possible, you can help to speed the process by submitting an official SMVE Request to Make Exterior Architectural Changes, along with the following supporting documents:

  • Signed and dated copy of the SMVE Architectural Process Checklist.
  • Detailed description of changes contemplated. NOTE: The description must include specifications for exterior finishes and paint colors that conform to SMVE Approved Exterior Finishes and Paint Colors.
  • Architectural plans or a sketch of changes contemplated. (Required for clarity of detailed description, when applicable.)
  • A copy of the plot plan, complete with existing footprint of home, driveway, front walkway, and any walls in or around the lot, with changes clearly indicated. (Required in cases where footprint will change.)
  • Drawings and/or photos of any exterior fixtures to be added or changed. (Required when applicable.)
  • Photos of any relevant features of other homes in SMVE to help the Architecture Committee evaluate compatibility with the character of the neighborhood. (Recommended.)
  • Passages from SMVE CC&Rs and/or Architectural Guidelines that tend to support the changes contemplated. (Optional but appreciated.)
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