Spring 2015 Newsletter

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May 152015

Spring 2015 SMVE Newsletter

Sunrise Mountain View Estates
5550 Paseo Otoño
Tucson, AZ  85750

Volume 24 No. 1

Welcome to the Sunrise Mountain View Estates Spring 2015 Newsletter!

In the past, the SMVE newsletter was published in the Spring and Fall and was the primary vehicle for communicating with SMVE HOA homeowners.  With the arrival of the SMVE website, the SMVE website and SMVE News Alert emails will become the primary vehicles to communicate important information to homeowners in a timely fashion. All information will be published on the website as soon as the information is available.

Periodically (initially twice a year), articles published since the prior newsletter will be consolidated into a newsletter like the one you are reading. A SMVE News Alert will be sent to notify homeowners that the newsletter is available.  Articles that are no longer relevant at the time the newsletter is published may be omitted. We will mail a printed copy of the newsletter only to those homeowners without email. We hope you enjoy the more timely release of information!

Apr 292015

✉ by Bill Page, President, SMVE HOA

I haven’t seen such a beautiful spring since the early 1990’s. If you don’t have pollen allergies, you probably enjoyed it even more. Now we have to prepare for the Tucson summer. Whether or not you spend the warmest months in cooler climate of more northerly places or travel for a month or so to escape the heat, your Tucson home and lot will remain here to face the elements.

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best! Since the vigor of the summer thunderstorm season is unpredictable, some preparation is necessary to be sure your home and yard are ready for whatever. Have someone check your home and yard periodically to see if all is OK.

In 1995, we had one storm that dropped over 5 inches of rain on SMVE in 2 1/2 hours. Needless to say, a great deal of damage occurred including one home that got flooded because the drainage holes in the patio walls (which were screened to keep out snakes, etc.) clogged up with vegetation debris, the yard filled with water to a depth that flowed in under the doors and created $10,000 in damage to floors, walls, etc. While such a storm is very uncommon, if you are prepared for the worst, you had the screens removed and the drainage channels cleared before you leave.

As the Fairfield block is slightly porous, it should be re-sprayed with silicone spray about once every five years or so to prevent infiltration of water. Our slightly pitched roofs should be recoated with water repellent sealers like White Elastik Solar Extreme or W2456 Stay-Kool elastomeric coatings about every five years. Remember the parapets must be tan.

Periodically you should have someone check the roof for leaf and other debris that can blow onto the roof. This material can block up drainage scuppers and downspouts and cause a huge weight of water to accumulate on the roof. If there is a leak to be found, standing water will find it.

If you are away for 5-6 months, it is wise to have a landscaper check your property at least once/month. In addition to tree branches that can snap and outdoor furniture that can be blown away in our summer thunderstorm winds, a robust crop of weeds can spring up unless you have had your yard sprayed with a pre-emergent to inhibit germination. Your neighbors would love that.

It’s always wise to have a “whole house fuse” installed to disconnect your homes electricity in the event of a very close lightning strike. Unplug all unnecessary appliances and light fixtures and leave the outdoor pole light switch on (with fresh bulbs) to be turned off and on with the light sensor.

Last, but not least, make sure the contact information we have for you is up-to-date. If we must reach you for any reason, please make it easy for us. Have a great summer!

Apr 282015
✉ by Bob Vaughan, Chair, Landscape Committee


I wanted to share with the Homeowners an overview since December 2014 of the projects and activities of the Landscape Committee. As most of you know, the Landscape Committee of SMVE HOA is responsible for about 100 acres of the SMVE Common Areas. Four full time and two part-time volunteer Homeowners work together as a team of neighbors. This update shares the efforts of this terrific, convivial team who work to beautify and maintain the whole SMVE Community for all of us to enjoy each day, year around.

Let’s begin with the annual pre-emergent herbicide application in all the riprap areas of the Commons. We added the recently (2014) cleaned out ditches (East and West of Frassino) to the area for pre-emergent spraying. These new drainage areas, (13,800 ft2) of riprap, made the total for pre-emergent spraying about 286,800 ft2 at 37 separate sites in the Commons. This year’s herbicide application was completed and inspected in late February 2015.

It should also be noted that 2015 was the year the Board targeted for “major removal and replacement” landscape projects by the Landscape committee in the capital expenditure budget. Such a major construction list had not been done by the HOA in over 25 years. These previously deferred upgrades were now planned, bid, and implemented before 2016 when most capital expenditure dollars will be targeted for our private road “removal and replacement” efforts.

Homeowners have seen the joint project at the South Pool by the Maintenance and Landscape Committees that began in December 2014. As the South Pool was being re-plastered with “Pebble Tec” plaster coating, landscape work proceeded outside the pool area. The latter included a cleanup of both east and west sides of the parking lot, removing trash, non-native grasses, and dead brush. These areas then received a replacement irrigation system for native plantings, plus riprap drainage repair and new replacement Desert Museum Palo Verde trees. To control wind-driven desert dust, the area was dressed with crushed granite to enhance the overall beauty and street appeal to make the whole area “pop”.

An additional South Pool bid addressed the remediation of the drainage slope between the north side of the South Pool and the tennis court. River rock slope repair was constructed to curtail water flooding into the South Pool during the heavy summer storms. The follow-up landscape phase included the planting of additional cacti all around the South Pool hopefully to curtail vandalism and unlawful persons entering the pool area by climbing over the wrought iron fences. The initial cacti planting phase is complete but landscaping work will continue into the summer as common area cacti are trimmed and replanted at the South Pool periphery. With spring and summer growth, the new functional “cactus garden” should become more dense to function as a further deterrent to vandalism. Gravity drainage of the Kooldeck around the pool was completely reconditioned with grading construction and riprap application in the drainage areas.

The next phase of the South Pool projects concentrated on a bid to remove non-native grasses at the Territory entrance especially on the west side. In addition, as the South Pool maintenance was completed, a bid for cleanup and new drip irrigation lines was secured for inside the South Pool entrance gate. That complete project removed old and dead plantings then replaced them with new xeriscaping, low water use plants.

Next, the extensive cleanup along Territory Drive from via Gelsomino west to via Velazquez moved into Phase II by lifting and trimming about 24 native trees up to five feet to remove accumulated dead tree limbs. That major project focused especially on proactive fire abatement. This whole project stretched over 3 months as the southern extent of the HOA’s property was beautified along Territory. Such a project certainly was needed to clean up our community environment. This major landscape functionality also contributes immediately to enhanced property values for all homeowners. You will note this carefully planned and executed project begins at the refurbished Gelsomino cul-de-sac and progresses east toward the Gelsomino entrance at Territory Drive.

The whole “Territory Drive” area had been targeted for ongoing Roundup spraying of emerging green tufts of non-native grasses with subsequent removal over the next three to five months. SMVE HOA’s north side of Territory should begin to re-vegetate with the normal Sonoran desert landscaping over the next couple of years. I’ll keep you informed as the Landscape Committee efforts continue for 2015 beyond the spring and early summer projects.

Finally, I would like to add special thanks to Mike Jump who deserves accolades and kudos for his diligent hard work on the Landscape Committee. These really big projects require the expertise of the Landscape plus Maintenance Committees working effortlessly together. Additionally, I am especially grateful to our HOA Treasurer, John Marus, for working closely with me to track the numerous invoices that pay our contractors in an efficient and timely fashion.

Thank you gentlemen!

May 082015

✉ by John Marus, SMVE HOA Treasurer

After being on the board for several years, I am happy to say this is one of the best home owners associations I have ever encountered. Our residents truly appreciate where and how their HOA fees are spent. SMVE looks the way it does is because your dollars are spent wisely.

In late September, the various committees determine what they want to accomplish the following year and make proposals to the board identifying potential costs involved. We are all realistic and prioritize what will give us the biggest bang for the buck. After the final numbers are completed, the board votes to approve the budget for the coming year.

This year was the first time we offered all homeowners the opportunity to pay their HOA fees in full rather than semi-annually. The response was overwhelming and meant we could complete capital projects early in the year, when we can negotiate the best prices.  It also reduces preparation and mailing expense for the second semi-annual dues statement.

One of the not so pleasant responsibilities of mine is to collect HOA fees from those who are late in mailing their checks. Fortunately the numbers are low and we ultimately receive the payment plus the late fees.

Enjoy the summer, wherever you choose to stay. We look forward to seeing everyone at the Fall functions organized by the Hospitality Committee.

Apr 282015

✉ by Mike Jump, Chair, Maintenance Committee

This is to report some of the work that the Maintenance Committee has been doing so far this year. As we talked about at the Annual Meeting, the South Pool received an upgrade by re-plastering it with the same “Pebble Tec” plaster coating that we added to the North Pool four years ago. This “Pebble Tec” plaster has held up well and has a ten year warranty. It was an interesting process to watch because at one point we had eight workers with jack hammers all in the pool at once.

We have now completed changing all of the lighting at both pools to LED bulbs and we should be saving in electrical costs for years to come. The other issues at the North Pool include: replacing the main gate latch on the pool entrance and continuing to correct and maintain the old wiring throughout the pool area.

One major problem that we had involved vandalism at the South Pool ladies room. This is something that may be reported in the Security Committee Report but I would like to say that almost everything is fixed. We repaired the fixtures, the hot water heater, and water line to the sink. All other damage was mainly pick-up and cleaning. To prevent future issues, we have installed automatic door closures and security plates on both rest room doors.

We also installed a safety bar in the shower at the South Pool.

I would also like to thank all of the residents that have helped so far this year. Two specific projects that residents assisted us on were both done at the South Pool: Tim O’Sullivan repaired the emergency phone and Joseph Fercz rebuilt the picnic table. We appreciate everyone’s willingness to assist us on an as-needed basis.

May 192015

✉ by Bill Page, Chairman, Architecture Committee

All exterior construction requires Architecture Committee Approval. Whether raising a wall, changing a gate or front door, or window, changing a lamp in front, adding an extension, building a BBQ in your back yard, etc. contact ✉ Bill Page at to gain approval for your project before starting work. If you cannot reach Bill, you can call Chris Bruyn at AME Management to get the necessary forms to submit. Approvals are given in the shortest possible time.

As more homes in SMVE are sold and new owners move in, we have had an increase in interior remodeling. Most new homeowners have been very cooperative and have requested the “Rules for Contractors,” which the contractors read and sign, stating that they are aware of our rules and agree to follow them. This results in many fewer complaints of roads and driveways being blocked, avoids visible portable toilets, dumpsters, etc. Neighbors are much more amenable to the less disruptive improvements to the neighborhood.

The most common request to the Architecture Committee is for a copy of the Approved Paint Colors.  You can always find the current list of approved paint colors on our website at http://smve.org/approved-paint-colors.  The approved list for 2015 is attached to this newsletter; please print it and put it in a place where you can find it when needed.

Cherry Landscape can trim the vegetation behind your rear wall to improve your views, at your expense.  Contact ✉ Bill Page at or ✉ Joe Steiner at to get the forms and set up an appointment for a quote for the work.

A representative of Cherry Landscape will contact you to set up an appointment to learn the scope of the work you wish done and quote you a price to do it. If you agree to the quote from a representative of Cherry Landscape, they will set up a date (convenient to you) to have the work done. They have been very reasonable and have done fine work.

For both Architectural requests or tree trimming, if you cannot reach either ✉ Bill Page or ✉ Joe Steiner, call Chris Bruyn at AME Management to get started.

Have great summer!

May 112015

✉ by Joe Cybulsky, Chair, Recreation Committee

We invite all SMVE residents to participate in the available recreational activities.

Tennis: We have two tennis courts—a hard surface court at the North recreation area and a softer, slower court at the South recreation area. You may reserve time to play at the sign-up board at each court. Do sign up so you have priority during the time you wish to play. Please be aware of the rules regarding tennis court use.

Swimming: We have two lovely swimming pools and spas that they are frequently used. Several very dedicated swimmers use the pools daily for exercise. Both pools are in excellent condition; the South pool was refurbished just this last winter. The pools are never crowded, so you are welcome to enjoy the pools anytime during pool hours. (During the scheduled water aerobics class, the North pool is closed to other swimming activities.)

Water Aerobics: Seven to nine people participate in the water aerobics class three days each week–Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday–from 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. at the North pool. This is a free activity for our community. Frankie Paulus, a homeowner and water aerobics coordinator, gets everything organized before 8:00 a.m. three days every week from April through September. Water aerobics is good exercise and also a wonderful way to meet your neighbors and to make new friends. There’s room for more, so join us for a healthy and friendly activity!

Walking: Our 3.5 miles of streets have a sidewalk and many homeowners walk for exercise. If you like a more strenuous walk, you can extend your walk to some steeper roads in nearby HOAs.  Do take care to stay hydrated.  Mornings or evenings will be a better time to walk than mid-day as summer approaches. Many of us have met more of our neighbors while walking than any other way. If you’re walking your dog, please be sure to pick up after him or her (none of us enjoy surprises on the sidewalk or in our yard).

Social Events: The Hospitality Committee has added new members in the past year, and the committee is working hard on several upcoming events. The “Finger Food Fest” last March 7th had a total attendance of 29, representing only 16 homes out of the entire community of 238. We would like to see increased attendance at future events.

We would welcome constructive ideas for events and suggestions on how we can improve participation in future events. Just click on the link by my name above to send me an email.


May 18, 2015  Policies, Recreation
May 182015
Lately there has been a notable increase in dog waste on our SMVE sidewalks and other common areas. Additionally some homeowners, who do not own a dog, have had to clean up dog waste from their front yards almost daily.

While there are no restrictions to prohibit owning a dog, there are certain responsibilities every dog owner has. Certainly one is to be sure that there is no incessant loud barking to disturb the neighborhood. Another is to always pick up the dog wastes and properly dispose of them in the trash. While there are other responsibilities, these two are the subject of regulation in almost every county and HOA. Pima County and SMVE HOA are no exceptions!

Many of us enjoy “saying hello” to the dogs being walked (as well as their owners) but none of us likes stepping in their wastes during an evening walk or over them during a day walk! Likewise no one likes to have to pick the dog waste of others pets from their front yards. If you are a dog owner, just as you don’t forget to take the dog on your walks, please don’t forget to take one or more baggies and pick up any wastes they dispose of during the walk. Your neighbors will all appreciate that.

SMVE CC&Rs, Article XIII Section 16:

When domestic pets, which are allowed to be kept on the Properties, are taken out of an Owner’s Lot, the domestic pet(s) shall be on a leash and the Owner shall be required to pick up immediately any animal feces left on any other Owner’s Lot or on the Common Area. Ten ($10) dollars for each occurrence Twenty five ($25) for each repeat occurrence.

(Pima County Code, Section 6.04.030):

Pet solid waste is to be removed immediately by the pet owner. It notes that it is unlawful for the owner or the person with custody of the dog to fail “immediately” to “remove and dispose of in a sanitary manner” any dog poop deposited on public property or on private property without the consent of the property owner. A person who commits such a violation is guilty of a Class 3 misdemeanor, for which the penalties may include a fine of between $100 and $500; up to 30 days in jail; and/or one year probation. (This section does not apply to blind persons or persons with mobility disabilities.)

✉ by Bill Page, President SMVE HOA

May 062015

✉ by Joe Steiner, Chair, Safety & Security Committee

Greetings to all as we head into our summer season!

As I write this, I think of the old adage, “Repetition is the mother of learning.” Much of what follows you have heard before but I believe it is worth repeating.

A well-lighted area can discourage unwanted guests. Be sure that your outdoor post lamp is set to turn on at night. That light serves to illuminate your property as well as your neighbor’s.

Interior lights are important as well, especially if you are away from home at night or for an extended period of time. Having some lights on timers that are set up to come on at different times after sunset can give the impression to outsiders that someone is at home.

Inform your neighbors if you plan on being away. Be sure to give them your telephone number(s) so they may contact you if needed. And, have your neighbor pick up newspapers for you. An accumulation of newspapers in your driveway is a sure sign that you are away.

As Sgt. Marcia Durns of the Sheriff’s Department advised us at our most recent neighborhood watch meeting, keep the doors locked that lead into your home’s interior from the garage. According to Sgt. Durns, some folks roam neighborhoods with garage door openers and randomly click their devices. On occasion, they will be able to open someone’s garage door. If someone gains access to your garage and the door to the home is unlocked, then that person would have entry into the home and could use the garage as a staging area from which to pack up their loot.

If you are a walker, bike rider, or just a nosy neighbor, you are invaluable as a source of information for our law enforcement agency. In our case, that agency is the Pima County Sheriff’s Department. The Sheriff’s Department encourages us to report suspicious activity by calling 911. Patrol deputies cover areas beyond the borders of our HOA and they look for patterns of criminal activity that occur. So, an occurrence in our HOA could be related to occurrences elsewhere.

Don’t be shy about calling 911! Patrol deputies want to apprehend criminals and your information is important to them. Remember, no one on our HOA board is a certified law enforcement officer. That being the case, DO NOT CALL A BOARD MEMBER FIRST!

We enjoy using our pools, especially during the summer season. Be sure to lock the gate behind you as you enter. At times, non-residents have entered our pool areas by climbing over the walls. If you witness such an event, call 911 immediately. The individual(s) are trespassing on private property when they “informally” visit our facilities.

In a future newsletter item, I will include information gathered by a University of Missouri professor who interviewed convicted burglars about their former “tricks of the trade.” Please let me know of ideas or information that you would like to share re: safety and security.

May 052015

✉ by Ursula Cybulsky, Cochair, Hospitality Committee

A great time was had by all at the Finger Food Fest on March 7th.  Everyone was able to enjoy the delicious variety of “finger foods” brought by their neighbors and the Hospitality Committee.   This was our first potluck focused on “finger foods” rather than typical potluck dishes and it proved to be a success. We plan on doing this again next year.  Until then, we hope that you will be able to join in other neighborhood social events.

Social Events Coming Later This Year

The Hospitality Committee has scheduled two social events for later this year. Mark your calendar since they’re sure to be a lot of fun and we’d love to you have join us.

The Ice Cream and Dessert Social will be a great event for beating the heat and sharing with neighbors. It’s a fun way to make new friends.

Ice Cream and Dessert Social
Saturday September 12, 2015 from 6:30 p.m until 8:00 pm.
A $5.00 per person donation is requested. It will take place at the North Pool Clubhouse. We’ll also post signs on the mail boxes and send out a notice on the website as the time gets closer.

The second event is an narrated slide show presentation of Birds and Animals in beautiful settings. It is certain to be interesting and captivating and a lovely way to spend time with neighbors while learning and enjoying–without having to travel. Bill Page, President of SMVE, will present this event.  Bill and his wife Joan have traveled extensively to various parts of the world. Their love of nature and photography is a visual delight. Last Fall, Bill showed slides and discussed the Birds and Animals of Brazil’s Pantanal. This year the subject is to be determined but will be announced as the time get’s closer and we’re sure will prove fascinating.

Narrated Slide Show
Saturday, October 17, 2015 from 7 pm to 9 pm.
It will take place at the North Pool Clubhouse. This event will be posted on the website and mailboxes and a email reminder will be sent.

We’d love to have you join in the fun and festivities. We hope to see you there.

May 062015

✉ by Joe Steiner, Chair, Safety & Security Committee

The article below is adapted from the SNAP Spring 2015 Update.  I was privileged to work with Tiny Read directly in helping a member of our HOA who was in need of assistance. Tiny’s background in nursing and working with seniors contributed greatly in extending help to that resident. SNAP is a treasured asset to our HOA communities.

SNAP programs and services began as a pilot project in Sunrise Mountain Ridge nearly seven years ago and quickly spread to other Sunrise communities through word of mouth. The 501 (c) (3) organization of “neighbors helping neighbors” provides support and assistance to disabled individuals and senior adults who choose to age-in-place in their own homes in the area bordered by Kolb/Sabino, Sunrise, Craycroft and River Roads—some 3800 homes and apartments. SNAP is a member of the Pima Council on Aging Neighbors Care Alliance and is funded by grants, corporate sponsorships and individual donations.

The organization is governed by a nine member Board of Directors (representing five different Sunrise HOAs). Board Meetings are open to interested persons from the service area; please call the SNAPLine at 437-9556 for meeting times and locations. In addition to its core services (transportation, caregiver relief, occasional meals, errands, phone reassurance etc.), SNAP provides ongoing health education programs, an annual Home~Garden and Treasures (fundraising) Tour and a variety of social events. In addition, consultation about senior issues such as health or housing challenges is available upon request. Office space is located at the Lutheran Church of the Foothills (5102 N. Craycroft Rd. at Territory Drive).

Please visit the website at www.sunrisesnap.org to see what else is going on with SNAP and how you might like to be involved. Quarterly updates are sent to HOA Presidents and SAC Chairpersons. From all of us with SNAP, Thank you for your continued support.

Spring 2015 Update

  • SNAP’s website (www.sunrisesnap.org) is now linked to five HOA websites in Fairfield and we hope to have more connected by the end of the summer. Client and Volunteer Forms may be downloaded from the website and “snapshots” Newsletters are also available online.
  • Family caregivers from Fairfield and their loved ones with dementia are invited to meet at Brookdale of Ventana Canyon for education, support and social respite programs on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month from 2-3:30 P.M. This is an ongoing program sponsored by SNAP, the Desert Southwest Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association, and Brookdale Senior Living. For additional details please call the SNAPLine at 437-9556 and ask to speak with one of the Caregiver Support Project team members.
  • SNAP will begin an extensive Senior Living / End of Life education series in mid-summer. Small group discussions and workshops will help older adults address and plan for several life challenges: legal issues, changes in mobility and housing, medication control, healthcare advocacy, in-home care, community resources, Hospice, and funeral arrangements. A complete program schedule will be available on the SNAP website by June 15th. There is no charge for these programs and you may participate in as many as you like.
  • Over the summer months, SNAP will continue its Lunch Bunch offerings for fun and sociability from 11:30 – 1:00 PM on the last Wednesday of each month at the Sunrise Mountain Ridge clubhouse. Bring your own brown bag lunch and enjoy dessert and a beverage on the house!

✉ by Tiny Read, SNAP Coordinator * 907-6780

May 012015
SMVE News Alerts emails are used to send homeowners the SMVE Newsletter as well as announcements that may be of immediate interest such as road construction or special events.  SMVE News Alert emails are sent to the email address you provided us for the SMVE master database.  Website update emails are sent each time the website is updated if you have subscribed to updates (we do recommend that you subscribe).

The four most recent SMVE News Alerts (and their subjects) were sent 12/4/2014 (Fall-Winter Newsletter), 2/25/2015 (mailbox postings and keys), 3/6/2015 (SMVE website available), and 4/6/2015 (opportunity to update Harried Homeowner Helpers booklet).

Did you receive all these emails?  Whether you received them or not, here are some steps you can take for successful email delivery.

If you have not received any emails, first check with the ✉ SMVE HOA Database Manager to be sure we have your correct email address(es).  You may give us several email addresses if you want SMVE emails to be sent to several places.

If we have your correct address, the most likely reason for not seeing an email is that it was caught by a spam filter and placed in a spam or quarantine folder.  Each email provider has its own spam detection tools and many tailor their spam filter to reflect your own email use.  It is all too easy to inadvertently mis-train a spam filter so that it puts legitimate email in your spam folder.  Spam filters can change from one day to the next, so receiving one alert does not guarantee the next one will not be treated as spam.

Most email providers allow you to specify certain email addresses as “safe senders” so that email from that address will (almost) never be placed in your spam folder.  To maximize the chance that SMVE News Alerts and website update emails will be delivered to you successfully, please add and to your safe senders list.

We recommend that everyone add “” and “” to their safe senders list.  Spam filters change constantly and an email that was delivered successfully today may be treated as spam on another day.

The method of identifying or as a safe sender varies with the email provider.  For example, with gmail, you need to create a new contact with as the email address.

For other email providers, please see How to add email to safe senders list. This page has detailed instructions for most common email services such as gmail.com, aol.com, msn.com, outlook.com, yahoo.com, etc.

Please contact me if you have any problems receiving SMVE emails.  I’ll be happy to work with you to try to resolve the problem.

✉ by Guy Scharf, SMVE HOA Database Manager

Updated 12/1/2016 to include for website update emails.

May 032015

✉ by Guy Scharf, Chair, Communications Committee

Under development since last fall, the first prototype SMVE.ORG website was released on March 7, 2015.  While most information on the website is available to all without requiring that you login, some items such as the full text of newsletters and minutes of Board meetings are visible only to SMVE homeowners.  Login directions were sent to all homeowners with the website announcement so you may login and see the restricted pages.  If you do not remember the username and password, use the Lost Password page to request the login credentials (we’ll usually email you with the username and password in less than a day).

The website has worked well since it was introduced, with few problems.  One of the few problems was an error in the Suggestion Box; that was fixed in the first weeks. If you have suggestions or find bugs, please use the Suggestion Box to send us a message.

More information has been added to the website since it was first released.  Newsletters and Board meeting minutes for the last ten years are now on the website.  Articles are added to the front page as quickly as possible so they are timely.  Most articles are kept online indefinitely, so you can find and read older articles.  A Search tool makes it easy to find any information on the website.  On your first visit, check out the Getting Started page.

With links in most articles and on the Directors, Officers, and Committees page, the website makes it easy for you to contact Board members and Committee chairs.

We very much want to hear your comments and suggestions.  Please contact me using the mail link at the top of this article or use the Suggestion Box to send us your ideas.

Apr 052015
We need your help (input) to remake the Harried Homeowner Helpers booklet for 2015! Some residents from Sunrise Mountain Ridge HOA have volunteered to gather and collate the input from all the participating Fairfield HOA’s and republish the very handy guide of workmen and companies recommended by the Fairfield residents in almost every category one could think of.

Since the finished product will be only as good as the information we input, please take some time to go down the list of categories’ and put in the names and phone numbers of any contractors, companies, and workmen who have done very satisfactory work for you and you would recommend to others. Write a brief sentence about what you liked about them (ie. “John is reasonable, always prompt, polite, and does great work”).

Whether you have a Windows computer or a Mac computer, the same survey form is repeated here in different formats that may be opened by different programs.

If you have a program that will permit you to type directly on the form in the computer, you can email that directly back to Jean Friedl (her address is on the survey form).

Otherwise print the form, write in the information, and either scan and email it to Jean Friedl or use the PO to mail it to Jean Friedl. Everyone’s input is important! Let’s do it sooner rather than later.

Let’s make this the best and most useful edition ever!

If you have Apple Pages word processor, download this file.
If you have Microsoft Word, download this file.
For most other word processors, download this .rtf file.
Or open this PDF and print the survey form.

Thanks for your efforts,

✉ by Bill Page & ✉ Guy Scharf

(For more information about “Harried Homeowner Helpers,” see the first few pages of Harried Homeowner Helpers 2010.)

May 182015
Would you like to be notified by email whenever something new is posted to the front page of the website?

Just click on Subscribe to email updates in “Using the Website” in the right column of this page and you will see the email subscription form.  Fill in your name, email address, and whether you are homeowner and click on the “Sign Up” button.  You will receive an email asking you to confirm that you want to be added to the mailing list for email updates.  Once you confirm that you wish to receive updates, you will receive an email each day that new posts are added to the front page.

✉ by Guy Scharf, SMVE HOA webmaster

Mar 182015
Water aerobics classes are held in the North Pool Recreation Area and are open to SMVE residents only.  Classes begin April 2, 2015 and end September 29, 2015.

Classes are on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 8:00am to 9:00am.  A kickboard is required.

For more information, contact Frankie Paulus at .

Apr 302015

At the Annual Meeting in February, John Marus was re-elected as director.  At the March Board meeting, Guy Scharf was appointed to the Board as a director.  The Board has elected these officers for 2015:

  • President: Bill Page
  • Vice-President: Joe Cybulsky
  • Secretary: Guy Scharf
  • Treasurer: John Marus
  • Assistant Secretary/Treasurer: Mike Jump
  • Director at large: Joe Steiner

We would especially like to recognize those homeowners who serve as committee chairs:

  • Landscape Committee: Bob Vaughan
  • Hospitality Committee: Ursula Cybulsky and Lauren Jump

Photos, email and phone numbers for all officers and committee chairs are on the Directors, Officers, and Committee Chairs page.

May 162015

Board of Directors

Bill Page


Architecture Committee

Joe Cybulsky


Nominating Committee

Recreation Committee

Guy Scharf


Communications Committee

John Marus


Mike Jump

Assistant Secretary/Treasurer

Maintenance Committee


Joe Steiner

Safety & Security Committee

Neighborhood Watch Committee

Other Committee Chairs

Bob Vaughan

Landscape Committee

Ursula Cybulsky

Hospitality Committee Co-Chair

Lauren Jump

Hospitality Committee Co-Chair