May 082015

✉ by John Marus, SMVE HOA Treasurer

After being on the board for several years, I am happy to say this is one of the best home owners associations I have ever encountered. Our residents truly appreciate where and how their HOA fees are spent. SMVE looks the way it does is because your dollars are spent wisely.

In late September, the various committees determine what they want to accomplish the following year and make proposals to the board identifying potential costs involved. We are all realistic and prioritize what will give us the biggest bang for the buck. After the final numbers are completed, the board votes to approve the budget for the coming year.

This year was the first time we offered all homeowners the opportunity to pay their HOA fees in full rather than semi-annually. The response was overwhelming and meant we could complete capital projects early in the year, when we can negotiate the best prices.  It also reduces preparation and mailing expense for the second semi-annual dues statement.

One of the not so pleasant responsibilities of mine is to collect HOA fees from those who are late in mailing their checks. Fortunately the numbers are low and we ultimately receive the payment plus the late fees.

Enjoy the summer, wherever you choose to stay. We look forward to seeing everyone at the Fall functions organized by the Hospitality Committee.