For New Owners

Revised June 28, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the FAQ page for questions often asked by new and current homeowners.

Remodeling Soon?

Are you planning to do some remodeling before you move in?  Please see the Architecture page for more about remodeling and especially Planning for Architectural Changes.  If you are making any externally visible changes, you must submit an Architectural Change Request.  We’ll usually approve that very quickly after asking some questions.  Exterior painting must use colors on our Approved Paint Colors list.  If you are making only changes inside your home, please have your contractor complete the Contractor Checklist so they are aware of the rules for contractors.  Problems with dumpsters, vehicles, portapotties, and construction material left out are most often a result of a contractor not being familiar with our requirements.  We then have to call you and ask you to get the contractor to comply.

Helpful Hints

Here are some selected articles of general interest from the SMVE Newsletter that readers have found helpful or interesting.  We also have on the website a copy of the Harried Homeowner Helpers 2016 published by the Sunrise Association Council (an organization of all 12 Sunrise HOAs).  If you did not receive a printed copy of the Harried Homeowner Helpers 2016 edition from the previous owner, contact President Guy Scharf or Secretary Kathy Mitton to get your copy.