Revised May 14, 2018


For more than thirty years homeowners have been attracted to Sunrise Mountain View Estates by the beauty of SMVE’s natural setting and by the architecture of SMVE’s private dwellings.

The architecture of SMVE’s private dwellings is so central to SMVE’s market appeal (and to SMVE’s property values and quality of life) that SMVE’s Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) explicitly define how the architecture of private dwellings is to be governed.

Article XII Section 2 of the CC&Rs states: “All architectural matters within the Properties shall be governed by an Architectural Committee, except as otherwise provided herein. The Architectural Committee shall have the exclusive right, exercisable in its sole discretion, to promulgate and amend written rules and regulations on construction and approve plans, specifications and plot plans.”

The chair and other members of the Architecture Committee are SMVE homeowners who strive to serve their fellow SMVE homeowners while at the same time serving the SMVE community as a whole. The committee’s guiding philosophy is that every homeowner has the right to improve the value of their home, provided that exterior architectural changes are submitted to the committee for review ahead of time and determined by the committee to conform to SMVE’s CC&Rs and Architectural Standards.

Does my project need to be approved?

IMPORTANT: Whether your project needs to be approved or not, all work on your property must be carried out in accordance with the guidelines in the SMVE Architectural Process Checklist and Contractor Checklist. For more information, see Architectural Process Checklist and Contractor Checklist.

An interior project that has no effect on the exterior of a home is not a matter of interest to the Architecture Committee.

The following exterior projects do not require pre-approval of the Architecture Committee: Routine maintenance of an exterior item; replacement of an exterior item with an identical item; painting, staining, or sealing an exterior surface with a finish listed at SMVE Approved Exterior Finishes and Paint Colors.

All other exterior architectural changes require review and pre-approval by the Architecture Committee. Article XII Section 3 of the CC&Rs states: “Architecture and improvements shall be deemed to include, but not limited to, structures, fixtures, radio antennae, television antennae, satellite stations or dishes, walls, fences, copings, awnings, sunshades, flagpoles, landscaping and any and all other related matters.”

Both small exterior changes (a new window shape, a new gate, etc.) and large exterior changes (a new room, a new pool, new yard walls, etc.) must be submitted to the Architecture Committee for review prior to the commencement of construction. Article XIII Section 1 of the CC&Rs states: “… the Architectural Committee may in its sole discretion decline to approve structures including room additions, carports, garages or outbuildings where the style, site location, or other details of appearance or structure are out of harmony with the existing or planned character of the Properties.”

Exterior changes made in violation of the CC&Rs or Architectural Standards and without approval are subject to fines sufficient to compel restoration or remediation at the homeowner’s expense. The Board of Directors (not the Architecture Committee) imposes fines.

Expiration of approval

Approval of an architectural request expires if construction is not begun within six months of the approval date or if the property is sold before construction begins. 

Procedures and Forms

Architectural Standards


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