Major Projects

Revised February 15, 2018

The SMVE community encompasses about 240 acres (zoned 1 lot/acre by Pima County). With residential properties accounting for about one third (85 acres), the SMVE homeowners are unique in Tucson enjoying quite a lovely open green space in the Catalina Foothills. The governing documents of the SMVE planned community entrust the fiduciary oversight and organizational management of our Commons to the elected Board of Directors. Such common areas of about 150 acres include all recreational amenities, private streets, drainage throughways, utility easements, guest parking areas, plus about 50 acres of trimmed, irrigated, and beautifully maintained common areas we all enjoy daily.

As the years go by, facilities age. Plants age and die, utilities break or corrode, pavements crack. While regular maintenance keeps most things operational and extends their life, eventually major work is required to restore everything to good condition and to reduce future maintenance expense. We invite you to read several photo essays of recent major projects to improve our SMVE community. Links to other articles about major projects are shown below.

Photo Essays