Apr 072019

Steve Struck: ✉ Steve Struck, Maintenance Chair


Because of the importance of this information and the impact it may have to your schedules, this information was also released as an  email alert  yesterday (April 7) to ensure as many homeowners as possible are aware of the upcoming impacts and have time to adjust schedules.  We know that this work is disruptive but it is an important piece of maintaining the investments we make on our roads and we appreciate your patience and flexibility as we seal the roads paved in 2017 and 2018. While the information below is the same information you received in the alert, we’ve elected to also post to the web so you can pull it up again as we approach May 7th.   This information will  appear on the “Major Projects Tab” so you can locate it quickly and won’t have to scroll through more recent articles to find it.

Dates:           Tuesday, May 7 – Thursday, May 9, 2019

Roads involved:

  • Strada de Acero (all)
  • N Via Sempreverde (Otono to just south of Strada de Acero)
  • N Via Velazquez (from Gelsomino to Otono)
  • North pool parking lot
  • All adjacent parking and mail box areas on the roads above


Roads that won’t be accessible but not being sealed:

  • Via Cedri
  • Via Frasino
  • Largo Salici


Tuesday, May 7      No on street parking on either side of roads being sealed. The west sides of Otono, Velazquez and Sempreverde will be sealed, and all of Strada de Acero.   Work will start about 7 AM, beginning at the north end of Otono, moving south, then Sempreverde and Strada de Acero, concluding about 3 PM.

Wednesday, May 8 No on street parking on either side of roads being sealed. The east sides of Otono, Velazquez and Sempreverde will be sealed.  Work will start about 7 AM, beginning at the south end of Velazquez, moving north on Otono, then south on the east side of Sempreverde. Work will conclude about 3 PM.

Thursday, May 9    No parking on any sealed area will be permitted. Driving is permitted, but no parking on sealed streets, mail areas, parking areas or the north pool parking lot.

Traffic Direction:

Tuesday, May 7  Streets being sealed will have one-way traffic northbound only.  There will be no entry to SMVE from Sunrise. This will continue until 7 AM on Wednesday, May 8.

Wednesday, May 8  Streets being sealed will have one-way traffic southbound only. There will be no northbound traffic on any sealed road. This will continue until 7 AM on Thursday, May 9.


  • Cure time for the seal material is about 24 hours. Any damage done as a result of using the new surface before it is released is not the responsibility of the contractor or the HOA.
  • No on street parking on sealed roads will be permitted anytimeTuesday, May 7 through Thursday, May 9. If you park on the street you will be towed.

Traffic Control:

  • There will be signs that read, “No Through Traffic,” at the three southern entrances to the HOA from Territory and the northern entrance on Sunrise.
  • There will be “Road Closed” barricades at either end of the lanes that are actively being sealed. “Road Closed” means no kidding.  Driving through fresh sealer will create a terrible mess.

Important Guidelines To Follow:

  • If you live on any of the affected streets, please do not schedule any work by contractors during the period from Tuesday, May 7 to Thursday, May 9.
  • Overnight on street parking will be permitted May 7 and 8 on roads not being sealed.Please park on the west sides of roads only so that the roads are not blocked to traffic and emergency vehicles.
  • Best entry to the HOA will be via Territory, especially for those not directly affected.
  • Try to schedule your personal life so that you do not have to come and go Tuesday, May 7 and Wednesday, May 8.
  • If you must leave the neighborhood those days, plan to leave before 7 AM and not return until after 3 PM.
  • While walking on freshly sealed areas can be done somewhat before auto traffic is permitted, you do so at your own risk. Neither the contractor nor the HOA bears any responsibility for damage or injury caused by tracking fresh sealer from the work areas.
  • Parking will be permitted on the west side of unaffected streets on May 7, 8 and 9.

Other Information: