Typos in Seal Coat Calendar

September 11, 2017  News
Sep 112017
You would think, wouldn’t you, that I could get North and South right in the calendar? So instead of fixing the one error, I “corrected” the one-way entries so the Via Velazquez entries were wrong too! Here’s another try! The map is correct and always has been. Sunland will also post directional signs. The one-way directions should be apparent–if a street is one way, you should be driving in the right-hand lane. If you are in the left lane, you are going the wrong way!

We found some typos in the seal coat calendar: the description of one-way traffic on Via Velazquez and Via Sempreverde had the directions reversed. The post below has been updated to fix this error.

✉ by Guy Scharf, SMVE President

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