Sep 042017

Sunrise Mountain View Estates HOA

Seal Coating Schedule

September 12 – 13 – 14 – 15, 2017

Q&A at Clubhouse, Saturday, September 9, 3:00 pm


The next step in our 2017 Paving Project will be to apply two coats of MasterSeal Seal Coat to all our roads except those just paved.  We will apply the seal coat to Via Sempreverde, Via Velazquez, Via Gelsomino, Via Cedri, Via Frassino, Largo Salici, and the South pool parking area.

Seal Coating will be done on Tuesday September 12 through Friday September 15, 2017.

The sealant takes about 24 hours to completely harden.  When the lane of the street immediately adjacent to your driveway is being treated, that lane may not be driven on until after 7:00 am the next morning and the barricades are removed.   This asphalt material is very sticky and dirty until hardened and will stick to tires, shoes, pet’s feet, or anything that touches it.  If you bring it into your home, cleaning it up will be very difficult.  Neither SMVE HOA nor Sunland Asphalt will be responsible for cleaning any sealant you track onto your driveway, garage, or home.  If you must use your auto during this time, it will have to be parked somewhere out of the work areas and you will have to walk to it WITHOUT crossing a freshly coated street. If you can plan a trip away during that time period, it might serve you well. 

As portions of our roads will be closed to traffic for 24 hours at a time, there will be NO GARBAGE PICKUP on Thursday, September 14.  Mail will not be delivered to the North Velazquez cluster on Tuesday, Sept 12; South Sempreverde cluster on Wednesday, Sept 13; and Central and South Velazquez clusters on Friday, Sept 15.  In each case, normal mail delivery will resume on the following day.  We will advise UPS, FedEx, Rural/Metro, and the Sheriff of these road closures.

Our shorter streets and cul-de-sacs—Largo Salici, Via Cedri, Via Frassino, Via Gelsomino, Via Velazquez north of Paseo Otoño, and South Pool parking–will be completely closed to all traffic during the day they are sealed.  The longer streets–Via Sempreverde and Via Velazquez–will have one lane closed and the other lane be one way for the two days the road is being sealed. A detailed schedule with a map and explanation showing the entire project and detailing the permitted traffic flow is attached.

Our streets are narrow.  While one lane is closed for coating, there is not enough room to park on the street and allow other vehicles to drive past without entering the newly coated lane.  Parking on streets with one or both lanes being coated is NOT permitted and vehicles will be towed at owner expense.

Please tell your contractors NOT to work at your home on days your street is being coated.   There is not room for contractor or other vehicles on our streets while they are being coated.

Rain or wind could cause this schedule to change as the seal coat cannot be applied to wet pavement or in windy conditions.  We will notify homeowners with an SMVE email alert and signs at the mailboxes if this happens.

All roads will have new center stripes and the parking areas by the pools and mailboxes will have parking stall stripes.  The mailbox areas will continue to have a stall marked “USPS” that residents should leave open so the mail carrier can park close to the mailboxes.

Seal coating is one of the best ways to keep our roads in good condition and delay their aging.  We are acutely aware of how inconvenient this process is, especially for those living on Via Velazquez and Via Sempreverde, where you may not be able to park within convenient walking distance.  Seal coating needs to be reapplied about every four years and we have planned for that in the SMVE Reserve Fund.

Roads Committee members will be at the Clubhouse at 3:00 pm on Saturday, September 9, to answer any questions you may have.  Please ask any questions you have about the roads and we’ll answer them.

Attached is a letter from Sunland, calendar of street closures, and a map.  The calendar shows how you will be affected, depending on the street your house is on.  Please also look at Via Sempreverde and Via Velazquez if you need to travel on them.  “No vehicle access” means that the lane in front of homes on this street segment are being coated and you must not walk or drive across the fresh coating until 7 am the following morning.  For each area, we try to recommend some nearby locations where you can park on the street overnight before seal coat is applied.  When parking overnight, park on the side of the street with a sidewalk.

✉ by Guy Scharf, SMVE President

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