Jan 162020

This website is now inactive.  All NEW content is at Cadden Connect.   All existing content has been migrated to the new site.

The new site significantly reduces the efforts required by volunteers to maintain information.  To locate information formerly found on smve.org, sign on and look at the Resources Tab. From there you can select Finances, Budget, Architecture, Landscape, etc and find the information that was previously maintained at SMVE.ORG.

You can arrange to get regular updates on “news” important to homeowners by updating your profile to specify the mechanism (text, email) and frequency that you’d like to be notified of news.

The Community feed is where news for homeowners is posted.  You can be automatically notified like you were with SMVE.ORG by updating your profile.

You can also update your profile to specify how you want to be reflected in the homeowner directory (email, phone, both).

The Cadden Connect site require registration and you will be assigned a unique userid and password. If you have not already registered and logged in the following are the options to get access

  • Text “caddenconnect” to 59248 and receive a text back with a mobile app download link
  • Search for the mobile app “Cadden Connect” in Google Play store
  • Go to sunrisemountainviewestates.nabrnetwork.com and follow instructions on the page

We hope to provide some sessions soon to help homeowners explore Cadden Connect and get connected.