Mar 082018
If you’re one of the 45 homeowners who recently signed up to have their garage door painted at a special low cost, you already know about the SMVE great garage door test, which is being conducted with the help of Vann and Son Painting.

The goal of the test is to help each homeowner save money, while improving the entire neighborhood’s curb appeal. The test began this week (March 5) and will probably be completed no later than the first week of April.

If you didn’t sign up to have your garage door painted, it’s probably because your door is already in good condition, already painted with Dunn-Edwards Cliff Brown (the SMVE-approved color for garage doors), and already a source of satisfaction to you and your neighbors.

Or your garage door might be in poor condition, but you’re so accustomed to looking at it that you don’t realize it has become an eyesore to your neighbors, due to faded, sun-damaged paint, mismatched or unpainted trim, oil stains leaking through from interior hinges, or a non-approved color.

Garage doors in distress will stand out more than ever after the SMVE great garage door test comes to an end. It’s also worth noting that April has been set aside as the time when the HOA will formally notify any homeowners whose garage doors are so distressed as to be out of compliance with neighborhood standards.

If your door is distressed, please consider signing up today to have your garage door painted. There will never be a smarter, faster, easier way to get it professionally painted and at a remarkably low cost. See Garage Door Test for full details of the test.

For more information about SMVE’s garage door test, contact the chair of the SMVE Architecture Committee (and your neighbor):

✉ Bill Coan, Architecture Committee Phone: