Feb 132018
Does your garage door have faded, sun-damaged paint, mismatched (or unpainted) trim, oil stains leaking through from interior hinges, or a color that doesn’t conform to SMVE’s standard for garage doors?

Have you put off seeking bids, hiring a contractor, or scheduling a paint job, because you’re too busy, or you don’t know which contractor(s) are qualified to paint garage doors, or you’re uncertain how to get the best price?

If so, you might be interested in a special test being conducted by Bill Coan, the incoming chair of SMVE’s Architecture Committee, and Vann and Son Painting, a contractor highly recommended by many Fairfield residents and used by SMVE for maintenance painting of shared facilities.

Three weeks from now, starting on March 5th and 6th, Vann and Son Painting will arrive in the SMVE neighborhood with a paint-sprayer preloaded with Dunn-Edwards Evershield paint in Cliff Brown, with a velvet finish. (Cliff Brown is SMVE’s standard color for garage doors.) Vann and Son will also have cleaning and degreasing supplies and even a pressure washer for areas that need it.

NOTE: Dunn-Edwards is one of the nation’s largest manufacturers and distributors of architectural, industrial, and high-performance coatings. Evershield is the highest grade of exterior paint manufactured by Dunn-Edwards. The velvet finish resists chalking better than a flat finish and has very little sheen, so it doesn’t highlight surface irregularities.

The goal of the garage door test is to find the best way to provide a great paint job at the lowest possible cost.

Since multiple doors will be prepped and painted on the same day, Vann and Son Painting will be able to purchase prepping and painting supplies at bulk rates and won’t have to clean its equipment after each garage door. This will hold down the costs on a per-door basis.

To attract as many participants as possible, Vann and Son Painting has agreed to charge just $65.00 per door for the first ten garage doors painted. After the first ten doors are painted, Vann and Son Painting will assess its costs and efficiency gains.

If the test shows that costs are higher than anticipated, or that efficiency gains are lower than anticipated, a slightly higher price might have to be announced for subsequent batches of doors, but in no case will the price be higher than $75.00 per door. Any change in price will be announced ahead of time. Participants who want to withdraw based on a change in price will be free to do so.

Those of us who have painted our own garage doors know that a gallon of Dunn-Edwards Evershield paint costs approximately $45 at retail. When you add the cost of cleaning and degreasing agents and paint brushes and rollers, you can easily spend more than $75 to paint your own garage door.

As part of the test, Vann and Son Painting will provide all supplies and labor and perform the following steps:
1. Inspect your garage door and prep it for painting.
2. Mask the door and trim.
3. Apply a first coat of paint and allow it to dry for 15 minutes.
4. Operate the door.
5. Apply a second coat of paint and allow it to dry for 15 minutes.
6. Operate the door again.
7. Remove the masking from the door and trim.

Vann and Son Painting will collect payment from each participant upon completion of each door. Homeowners who will be out of town or away from home can leave payment with a neighbor or with Bill Coan.

This might be the smartest, fastest, easiest way to get your garage door professionally painted, and it will almost certainly be the least costly way, too. In addition to making your garage door look better, it will make your whole house and the surrounding neighborhood look better. Since higher curb appeal usually correlates with higher home values, you’ll be helping to increase the value of your home and of other homes throughout SMVE.

If more than ten SMVE homeowners sign up for this first-of-its-kind test, additional batches of ten doors will be painted on March 7th, 8th, and 9th. Scheduling priority will be given to groups of two or more adjacent homes, so talk to your next-door neighbors and make sure they sign up, too, if interested.

This is one of the best times of the year to paint garage doors, so don’t miss out. The signup period ends March 2. Act now to make sure your garage door will be included.

To participate in SMVE’s garage door test, simply send an ✉ email to architecture. Or call Bill at .In either case, 1) specify your address and phone number, 2) explicitly grant your permission to have your door and trim painted Cliff Brown in a velvet finish, and 3) state your commitment to pay for the work upon completion.

✉ by Bill Coan, Architecture Committee