Apr 192017
Below are some brief highlights from the April board meeting:

  • Treasurer Tammy Eversole reported budget is on track for the year.
  • Notices to homeowners with weedy yards went out March 26.  Those who have not completed cleanup by Friday April 21 will get a violation notice. If you are a homeowner who has received a notice and has not yet attended to your yard, you still have a few days left to clean up your weeds.
  • For several months we have been discussing reducing Central Alarm coverage and board approved reducing coverage to weekend evenings only.  The daytime patrol seemed to add little value given the low crime nature of our community and the amount of homeowners out and about during the day. This change is effective immediately.
  • One of the 2 heaters at North pool expired and will be replaced.  We are investigating re-strapping the pool chairs at the North Pool to cure the discoloration.  If this is successful, the South Pool chairs will be done.  There is not yet a target date for this.
  • Screens have been installed at North and South Pool main gates in preparation for installation of a thumb latch so no key is needed to exit. Work is expected to be completed this month or early May.
  • Homeowners should never prop a pool gate open.  Several instances of this have been encountered recently.  The pool rules are being updated to include this rule.  Anyone seeing a gate propped open should remove the gate prop and ensure the gate is securely closed.
  • Revised Approved Paint Colors were approved.  Key items to be aware of is that Dunn-Edwards “velvet” is now allowed (not just flat).  Also Dunn-Edwards  EVSH may be where SSHL is specified on our Approved Paint Colors document.
  • Board approved updating the Reserve Study.  Work on updates is expected to start this summer.
  • Sidewalks to be repaired have been marked with yellow paint throughout the community.  Bids are being sought and there is not yet a target date for repair work.
  • Road work continues.  The committee hopes to have the RFP out later this week.
  • The North tennis court will be resurfaced in June.
✉ by Kathy Mitton, SMVE HOA Vice President

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