Apr 182017
We have updated the Approved Paint Colors document to reflect changes in product names, codes, and telephone numbers.  The approved colors have not changed.

Last year’s standards continue to be acceptable, but there are two changes that a homeowner might wish to take advantage of:

  • For smooth surfaces like garage doors and trim for which “flat” gloss level was required you may now use “velvet”.  The difference is hard to see but velvet should have better wear characteristics.
  • Previous documents specified SSHL paint for many surfaces: Dunn-Edwards SpartanShield, called their “premium paint.”  We now also allow EVSH: Dunn-Edwards EverShield, called their “ultra premium” paint for those who choose to use it.  EVSH is more expensive than SSHL.

Click on Approved Paint Colors to see the updated paint color documentation.

✉ by Guy Scharf, Chair, Architecture Committee

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