Volunteers needed!

April 19, 2019  News
Apr 192019

Joseph Fercz has been our volunteer extrordinare for the last several years and has faithfully put the trash at the curb at the north pool on Sunday and Wed nights and has pulled the trash cans in on Monday and Thursday afternoons.  Joseph is no longer going to be able to perform this task.  While Jospeh has handled both trash days and both putting the cans in and putting the cans out, this is easily a task that could be shared by 4 or more homeowners  so we are in need of volunteers to take on one or all of the tasks on a fairly regular basis.

  • volunteer to put the trash can (s) curbside Sunday afternoon or evening or Monday before 10a.m.
  • volunteer to put trash can (s) inside pool gate Monday afternoon or evening
  • volunteer to put trash cans curbside Wednesday afternoon or evening or Thursday morning before 9 a.m.
  • volunteer to put trash can(s) inside pool gate Thursday afternoon or evening.

Please help!  If you are a regular user of the pool or tennis courts and you are there already or you are walking your dog and go by that area, it would be of great help.  If you can help, contact Kathy Mitton ✉ Kathy Mitton

And lets all thank Joseph for his years of service!