Post Lamps and Outdoor Sconces

Revised October 8, 2018

All homes in Sunrise Mountain View Estates have post lamps. Post lights should remain on from dusk to dawn for the security of your home. Keep the light switch in your house turned on and the light sensor in the post should turn the light on at dusk and off at dawn.

If you wish to replace your post lamp or sconce, the model originally installed is no longer made. Similar but not identical models are available now.

Replacing these lights is an architectural change and requires approval of the Architecture Committee. Choose a design in keeping with our Spanish Colonial style and our neighborhood. (See Architectural Design Notes for design specifics on what to consider when changing outdoor lights.) Lamps should direct light down or sideways but not upwards. The post itself must be black or dark bronze and have a light sensor to turn the lamp on and off. LED bulbs are encouraged for energy efficiency.

Submit a photo and description of your proposed lamp to the Architecture Committee for approval. A copy of a page from a catalog will usually be fine. The Architecture Committee will respond quickly.

The photo gallery below shows samples of some replacement lamps installed by your neighbors with approval of the Architecture Committee. Click on any photo to see a larger version, then move through the gallery with the arrow keys or your mouse.