Nov 172018
✉ by Larry Spencer



The north pool, spa, and restrooms closed for maintenance from November 22th through December 10th. There will be no access to the facilities, including the north restrooms, during this time.

The south pool and spa remained open until maintenance at the north recreation area was completed. Afterwards, the south pool closed for the season (from December 12th – February 28).

The north pool and spa will be open and heated year-round, except during the maintenance period mentioned above.


Kool Deck is the textured coating on the decks around the pool and spa that helps reduce the surface temperature so that you can walk on it in your bare feet even in the summer. The Kool Deck at the north pool has 180 feet of cracks and several bald areas. It was repaired, recoated, and sealed during the pool closure.


The ceramic tiles near the water line of both pools and both spas became coated with thick calcium build up. All the tiles were cleaned. Several tiles were replaced at the north pool.


Over time solids suspended in the water accumulate. Solids (such as calcium) are introduced from the city water, chemical treatment, sunscreen and cosmetics. Filtration cannot remove all suspended solids. As water evaporates, it leaves most of the solids behind and the concentration builds up. When that happens more and more chemical treatment is required to keep the pools safe and clear, and calcium builds up on the tiles.

The water was drained and refilled in both pools and both spas.


New Kool Grip handrail covers were installed on the pools’ step handrails and on those ladder handrails that didn’t already have covers.


Four old circulation pumps were replaced with more energy efficient, variable speed pumps for both pools and spas. One of the old single-speed pumps was swapped out to replace an even older auxiliary jet pump that had failed at the south spa. The four new variable-speed pumps are expected to save enough electricity to cover their one-time costs. After an expected $1,200 rebate from TEP, the expected payback period (energy savings vs. cost of new pumps) is estimated to be 1.4 years.


During the closure, the two failing and irreparable fiberglass filters and one DE filter serving the north pool and spa were replaced by two new filters using glass beads rather than sand. This new technology will clean the water better and require less maintenance, reducing the overall expense.

This same change was also performed at the South Pool.


New UV sterilization technology was added to the north pool filtration to neutralize bacteria and pathogens that can cause recreation water illnesses. This secondary disinfection is expected to reduce by 30% the amount of chlorine required to keep the pool water sanitary. It should result in fewer homeowner complaints about chlorine and less odor from the byproduct gas released from using chlorine.


A failing and very noisy compressor that provides air when the north spa jets were turned on was replaced. The high pitch squeal that could be heard from nearby homes is gone.


A new heater was installed for the north spa


A conflict between lap swimming and water aerobics at the north pool was resolved with homeowner input at the September Board meeting. Going forward, the north pool will be reserved for water aerobics from 8AM to 9AM Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, April through October. This policy was communicated through the web site, signs on the pool and mailbox bulletin boards, and new A-frame-style signs displayed at the north pool when the aerobics group is in session.

All homeowners are welcome to participate in the free water aerobics workshops.


Those of you who use the north pool facilities have likely seen discoloration of the Kool Deck for several feet in front of the shower. Often when people shower, soap, water and dirt have drained towards the pool across the Kool Deck. In October, floor mats were placed in front of the shower in hopes of stopping the drainage toward the pool. The mats were not able to contain the water, so new Deck-O-Drains were  installed while the pool was closed for maintenance.


At the October Board meeting a request for lap lanes was made. Judi Fisher, Ray Fisher, and Susan Peterson have begun looking into how lap lanes could be achieved (tiles, paint, ropes) and have met with a vendor. The investigation is still underway.


Questions have occasionally been asked about why we disinfect the pools and spas with chlorine rather than salt or bromine. Each method has advantages and disadvantages, and each requires different equipment. A deeper investigation into the pros and cons will be undertaken and a final recommendation made to the Board when it is completed.


Laura Franklin resigned from the Board, Recreation Chair, and Pool Manager in August.  Larry Spencer stepped in as the acting Chair and Pool Manager. The HOA solicited volunteers for the Pool Manager position, and at the October Board meeting Susan Peterson and Ray Fisher agreed to become pool co-managers. Mr. Spencer will continue to manage the projects that were already underway (Kool Deck, tile cleaning, new pumps, etc.) and guide Ms. Peterson and Mr. Fisher as they ease into sharing the pool management responsibilities.

Susan comes in with considerable experience managing her own pool, and her knowledge about disease control from a career in nursing has already come in handy.

Ray has experience in working with vendors and contracts. Both Ms. Peterson and Mr. Fisher have been quick to learn about our equipment and challenges. They are already forming a great team to shepherd our pools and spas!


The pools were built when the HOA was developed. The equipment changes outlined above are part of a systematic approach to resolving heating, circulation and filtration problems created over years of ad hoc fixes. Technology that wasn’t available before is being implemented with the goal of providing a safe environment with reliable equipment at lower cost.

In the past several years important improvements included installing Pebble-Tec coating and LED lights. In October new energy saving circulation pumps were installed. The improvements made in November and December will provide benefits for years to come.

Pools require constant maintenance and care to keep you safe and comfortable. Your help and cooperation are always appreciated.


Several volunteers are needed at both recreation areas to share the task of testing and recording chlorine and pH levels on an ongoing basis. Test kits will be provided, and volunteers will be trained in this easy process. To volunteer, please call Susan Peterson at (520) 971-7204.