Nov 172018
✉ by Steve Struck, Maintenance Chair


2018 has been a busy year for everyone involved with maintenance of our roads and facilities. The SMVE neighborhood is over 30 years old and maintenance is becoming a bigger task as age and nature take their toll. Some of the projects completed this year were:

  • Re-strapping of a portion of the south pool deck furniture
  • Installation of weatherproof bulletin boards at both pools
  • Installation of a projection screen at clubhouse
  • Painting of USPS package boxes at all mail locations
  • Installation of weatherproof bulletin boards at all USPS box locations

As always, there were numerous small repairs and replacements that were dealt with by the volunteers that help with maintenance.

This is being written in November to be ready for the end of year mailing, so there are a couple items not yet done that are scheduled for this year:

  • Painting of the south pool ramada
  • Installation of a vent fan in south pool pump room
  • Purchase of projector and sound system for HOA meetings and use by the Social Committee

This year, as last, the biggest project was road reconstruction. You couldn’t help but notice that Via Velazquez was rebuilt and newly paved, from Otono on the north to Gelsomino on the south. The project went smoothly, came in under budget, and we were able to get Comcast to make needed repairs while the road was under construction. We’ve encouraged all the utilities to try to do maintenance work while roads are under construction, hoping to limit the number of times our brand-new roads must be dug up for repairs.

In December the Road Committee will evaluate the condition of the roads yet to be re-paved. This survey will enable us to confirm or modify our plans going forward.

We appreciate the cooperation of all the residents that were affected by the construction. It makes for several days of inconvenience but the new roads will last many years.

I want to thank all the individuals who volunteered to help with the work that was accomplished this year:

Jerry Foval – Sidewalk survey

Dale Larson – Road committee

Rick Levy – Road committee and summer maintenance manager

Bob Mix – Road committee

Rick van Hasselt – Lighting

Steve Ciccanti – Phone repair