Nov 182018
✉ by Phil Mowbray


Club House Use:

The clubhouse is used regularly from September-May for the monthly SMVE HOA Board meetings and monthly social meetings. The room is also used by the Sunrise Association Council that usually meets December through February. Members rent the space a few times each year.


There were three or four minor incidents this year. The problems were related to theft of plants and planters out of a few homeowners front yards. If you don’t want to lose it, keep it out of sight in a side or back yard.

A few incidents regarding parking on our roads arose but were all resolved. Please remember there is no overnight parking on our streets.  Instead park in the driveway or the extra parking spaces located throughout the neighborhood.

An ongoing issue throughout the year has been unauthorized visitors at the south pool – during the day and overnight. After extensive research about different options for preventing this misuse, the Board approved funds to purchase a security camera monitoring system.

Neighborhood Watch

This annual meeting was held in early March and was attended by about 20 residents. Employees from Rural Metro Fire and the Sheriff’s department reminded us that prevention is easier and cheaper than dealing with problems after they have occurred. Residents were encouraged to be aware and not hesitate to call 911.


The men’s restroom at the south pool needed $1,000 in repairs. This was due to basic aging, not any vandalism by the unauthorized visitors.