Jan 282018
✉ by Jane Spaulding, Chair, Hospitality Committee


by Jane Spalding


The Hospitality Committee works as a team; one person takes leadership for an event and other members provide support. Our plan is to try different ideas for events, offer them at a variety of times and days so we can include as many people as possible. We invite you to pop in to say “hi;” come early, come late, or visit for the entire time. If you need a ride to or from an event, we can help! Just contact any one of us —all of us are in the SMVE Homeowner Directory. We welcome comments, ideas, and helpers!

During the Spring of 2017, Teresa Scharf was Chair of the Hospitality Committee.  Members organized events every month. They:

  • held a brunch in January
  • provided refreshments and volunteers for the HOA annual meeting in February
  • sponsored a speaker about the SNAP Program in March
  • held a BYOB and appetizer event in April

Details of these events were published in the April 2017 HOA Newsletter.  With so many committee members and residents scattered for summer homes and on vacations, no events were planned between May and September. BUT we would be happy to offer an event if there is interest and someone is willing to lead the effort.

In October, Teresa stepped down as Chair and I moved into that role. The continuing Committee members are: Sonja Allen, Pat Larsen, Diane Meuser, Teresa Scharf, Joyce Steiner, Carole Stephan, and Susie Struck.  In late fall, we welcomed two new members, Margie McCoy, and Judi Fisher.

October’s event was a “Bring Your Own Beverage (BYOB) and an appetizer to share” format at the clubhouse; the event leader was Carole Stephan.  Fall colors and Halloween were the theme for decorations and about 30 residents attended.  With the BYOB format there is no fixed seating so attendees have space to socialize inside the clubhouse and outside under the ramada. There is always plenty of food so several people can join together to bring one dish.

November’s event was a true potluck dinner organized by Pat Larson. Close to 40 people RSVP’d for this event! Pat’s lovely table decorations and the wide variety of delicious food made for a festive party.

December’s BYOB and appetizer event was a true winter season celebration. It was led by Sonja Allen with assistance and live music by Carole Stephan.  The decorations had a north-woods theme, there was the surprise appearance of a jolly guest in a bright red suit, and gifts for all.