Nov 192018

Volunteers Needed

When you notice an irrigation leak in a neighbor’s yard, do you let your neighbor know? When you’re out for a walk and notice a piece of litter, do you pick it up and dispose of it properly?

If your answer to questions like these tends to be “Yes,” then you’re one of the reasons that SMVE is such a great place to live.

The SMVE Board of Directors is currently seeking people like you to help with specific tasks to keep the neighborhood running smoothly.

The board needs help in the following areas:

  • Communications:  The board needs someone who is willing to help assemble the twice yearly newsletter and post occasional articles.  Skills needed are comfort in working on a computer and willingness to learn a little bit about the software we use (we’ll teach you).  If you are comfortable with word processing and you use a computer, you have what it takes. If you already know a lot about putting articles on the web using Word Press even better! Contact Kiki Cheney if you can help. ✉ Kiki Cheney .
  • South Pool Gate closers:  The board needs people shutting the south pool gate in late afternoon or early evening.  Contact Susan Peterson.✉ Susan Peterson, Pool Co-Chair1 .
  • Maintenance:  The board is looking to expand the maintenance committee and would like additional people to keep an eye on a few specific items and call an appropriate vendor when a repair is needed. Contact Steve Struck ✉ Steve Struck, Maintenance Chair Phone: .
  • Random Task Handlers: The board needs volunteers to handle small random tasks. Examples of past things would be tracking down firm responsible for the road work sign that was left on Velazquez or arranging for something that was dumped on a common area to be removed. If you would be willing to be part of a round robin group of folks to handle these odd one-off tasks, we’d love to hear from you. If you are someone who has reported one of these random items, consider reporting AND volunteering to resolve at the same time! You’d set a great example for others! ✉ Kathy Mitton, President, SMVE HOA Phone: .
  • Board Members: The board needs one or two additional homeowners to become future board members. A board member attends monthly meetings September – May and works as a team to make decisions for the HOA. ✉ Kathy Mitton, President, SMVE HOA Phone: .