Mar 102019

SMVE will be sealing the roads that were repaved in 2017 and 2018 in order to keep the new asphalt in good condition and extend the service life of the roads.  Ace Asphalt will do the work.  This is to alert you to the schedule as far in advance as possible.

Dates of work:  May 7 and 8

Roads Affected:

  • Paseo Otono (All)
  • N. Via Sempreverde (from Otono to just south of Strada de Acero)
  • Strada de Acero (all)
  • N. Via Velazquez (from Otono to just beyond Gelsomino)
  • Gelsomino (the northernmost 100 feet)
  • North pool parking lot

The tentative plan is to seal one lane of each road on Tuesday the 7th and the other lane on Wednesday the 8th.  More detailed information will be available later.

Besides residents on the streets listed above, owners on Via Frassino, Cedri, Velazquez (north of Otono) and Salici will be directly affected. There will be limited entrance to the community from Sunrise.

Other Considerations:

  • Trash pickup on Thursday May 9 will be skipped in order to give the seal material more time to cure before heavy trucks come through.
  • Owners should not have any contractors on site May 7,8 and 9.
  • Mail delivery will be on a best effort basis.  We will coordinate with the post office, but for planning purposes, mail may not be delivered to some boxes on May 7,8, and 9.
  • Activities requiring owners to drive in and out should not be planned for these dates.
  • Limited access on one lane each day will be available, but not necessarily at all times.  We will have instructions later concerning making roads one way temporarily.
  • Residents are encouraged to share driveway space with neighbors on the side of the road not being worked on for parking purposes.

Additional notices with more information will be put out as we get closer to the construction dates.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

If you have questions, contact  Steve Struck.