The Rains Brought Weeds

July 29, 2018  News
Jul 292018
Most of us love the summer rains but they do result in weeds springing up. While we’ve only had two meaningful rains so far, the weeds have already started to come alive. Please ensure you are attending to the weeds in your yard. Don’t forget the seams in your driveway, the edgings of your sidewalk, and the patch of area between 2 driveways.

If you have had a weed problem in the past, it is likely that you will continue to have problems because weeds drop seeds that linger waiting for future rains to give them new life. To reduce problems in future years there are really only two alternatives:

  1. When the weeds first appear, dig them out before they have a chance to drop seeds which will hang around causing you issues in the future.  It is always easiest to dig out weeds when the ground is wet and the weed is young. Weeds that go to seed can drop seeds that cause problems for several years.
  2. An alternative is to consider using a pre-emergent prior to the rainy season.  Pre-emergents attack the seeds and prevent the growth of the weeds.

Persistence pays off when dealing with weeds regardless of which alternative you pick. Know that if you have had a weedy yard in the past, unless you have taken some sort of corrective action, you are likely to have it again — and it is likely to get worse each year. The only thing that will reduce or stop the issue is to remove the weeds before they have a chance to reseed. This has to be done several years running as seeds can lie fallow for a long time.

Homeowners who have visibly weedy yards that must be addressed will be notified in August.