Apr 132016
✉ by Guy Scharf, President, SMVE HOA

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I’d like to take special notice of how homeowner volunteer efforts make a real difference to our HOA. Our association functions because of volunteer efforts.  We have a Board of Directors, Committee Chairs, and committee members.  But who are we, really?  We’re homeowners just like you.  We’re all volunteers and receive no compensation for what we do.  Without the volunteers on committees and on the Board, little would get done and it is likely that amenities would decline.

In the last year, we’ve had almost a complete changeover on the Board, and most of our Committee chairs have changed as well. I hope you will join me in welcoming and thanking the new Directors you elected–Kip Longan (Direct0r), Kathy Mitton (Secretary), Larry Spencer (Treasurer), and Joe Steiner (Vice-President).

Homeowners who volunteer for tasks as committee members are the lifeblood of getting things done.  Recent new volunteers are Jim Dinniman and Jane Spalding who, as regular walkers, have volunteered to look for sidewalk problems and tell us about any new issues.  Bob Mix brings his experience with the paving process to the Roads committee.  Steve Struck has joined the Finance Committee, bringing his HOA and business management experience to us.  Susie Struck, Jane Spalding, John Klein, and Pam Negri all assist with landscaping problem identification.

We more than welcome homeowners who want to contribute.  Please talk to me or any Board member about your ideas and ways you might contribute.  We welcome people interested in participating in any way–as a volunteer, a committee member, a committee chair, or a Board member.  We especially welcome the newer homeowners who are part of the new generation moving in.

Some of our particular needs at this time are:

  • Facilities/Maintenance Chair.  You would need to manage contractors for a variety of intermittent tasks such as lighting, sidewalk repairs, painting, roofs, ramadas, etc.  You would need to get bids, consult with the Board on costs and budget, and work with other committees about maintenance needs.  Because maintenance tasks often require an on-site presence, we prefer the chairperson be here for most of the year (full-time resident). Other roles in the committee could be handled by part-time residents.
  • Roads Chair.  We need someone who can focus just on roads and what we need.  We’d like to find someone comfortable with working with contractors for large projects. Experience with letting and evaluating bids or overseeing contract compliance would be useful. Since we prefer to do road work in the summer–when road work will disrupt the fewest people–we need someone who will be able to devote time to this year-round. Updating our roads will be a significant endeavor requiring evaluation of vendors, analysis of costs, and more so part time residents are invited to assist on the committee.
  • Hospitality Committee members.  Hospitality events are produced entirely by members of the committee.  The more volunteers we have, the easier events are to produce and the better they can be.  And it’s fun to work with other people putting on an event!  Don’t be shy!  The committee would love to have a half dozen or more new members.  Any resident, whether part-time, full-time, or tenant is welcome.

Interested in participating but the above tasks aren’t a fit?  Worried that something you are interested in requires full time residency and you are a part timer? Talk to any of us about your experience and skills and interests. There are many things we would like to accomplish and if you have not found a specific task, we might identify one once we know your skill set.  Are you a photographer, a computer specialist, a CPA, or a manager?  All of those skills, and many others, can make a contribution to your community.