Apr 052017
With a new Board and a new Roads committee, we needed to learn a lot in 2016 about Road maintenance so that we could make good judgements about what was needed. We decided it would be in the best interests of the HOA to have professional assistance and, in the Spring of 2016, had a pavement analysis and five year plan prepared by WLB Group, Inc.

We are now following that plan for our roads. The first step was to seal cracks on the roads, and that was completed in December. We also had some patches placed on failing sections of Paseo Otoño so they would not turn into huge potholes before we could repave the road.

Our next step will be to repave failing roads. We will repave all of Paseo Otoño, Via Sempreverde from Paseo Otoño to just south of Strada de Acero, and Strada de Acero. This will include the pool parking area and the North set of mailboxes on Sempreverde.

The paving process will be one of pulverizing and repaving. A pulverization machine goes down the roads and pulverizes the asphalt and some of the base material together. The pulverized material is then graded and new asphalt laid down on top.

We will be using WLB Group’s services for bidding and construction management for that paving project. We are in the process of soliciting bids for the paving project now.  We expect paving and sealing to occur this summer.

This project will affect residents on Via Cedri, Via Frassino, Largo Salici, and about 24 homes on Via Sempreverde and Strada de Acero. We will be contacting everyone affected as we know more about the schedule and its effects.  In our discussion with contractors, we are emphasizing that we want to minimize the number of days homeowners must park away from their home.  We should know more about the paving schedule by late May and will contact homeowners then.

After repaving is complete, we will have all other roads seal coated. As those of you who have been through this process before may remember, this process requires blocking off an entire lane for 24 hours as the lane is coated twice. We will institute one-way traffic and controls during this work, which usually requires about four days. (The sealcoat is a sticky black substance, so you don’t want to drive on it as your tires will track it over your driveway and everyplace else.)

By Fall, we should have new roads or freshly coated roads, and paving headaches will be over for this year!