Apr 052017
✉ Guy Scharf, President, SMVE HOA


The last year has been an eventful year, with several major accomplishments.  We have had an almost complete turnover of the Board, with new Directors, committee chairs, and officers.  That has been a big learning curve for all of us on the Board and on Committees.  Since the Annual Meeting in February, we have added Tammy Eversole to the Board.  As posted in a separate article, officer roles have changed for this year with Kathy Mitton as Vice President, Larry Spencer as Secretary, Tammy Eversole as Treasurer, and myself as President.

Here are some of our accomplishments over the last year:

  • The Harried Homeowners Helper 2016 was distributed to homeowners as well as being posted on the website. If you have not received a printed copy, and want one, contact me to pick up your copy.
  • The Hospitality Committee has been holding more frequent events at the Clubhouse to allow all of us to get to know each other better.
  • In a major effort, Larry Spencer and the Finance Committee have reviewed our financial procedures and extended and documented them clearly.
  • We moved our bill payment system into the modern age, with bills now being paid electronically through bill.com. All bills are reviewed and approved by at least two Directors, then paid automatically after the final approval. We no longer write HOA checks for our vendors.
  • Thanks to Larry and the Finance Committee, we are once again earning a reasonable interest on our funds.
  • Eight sidewalk segments were replaced to eliminate safety hazards.  More sidewalk repairs are planned for this year.
  • We had a pavement evaluation done and created a five-year maintenance plan. We will repave Paseo Otoño and part of Via Sempreverde this summer.
  • The much-wanted Homeowner Directory has been completed, published online, and printed copies are available from the Directory Manager Pam Negri.
  • 2016 was the first year we used the Reserve Study to manage planning for capital projects. It is serving its purpose well and you can see some of those items on the capital expenditures report you received in the annual mailing.

I’d like to take special notice of how homeowner volunteer efforts have made a real difference to our HOA. Our association functions because of volunteer efforts. Without the volunteers on committees and on the Board, nothing would get done and amenities would decline.

Looking forward, a major challenge for our HOA is to have more homeowners volunteer for our committees. We more than welcome homeowners who want to contribute. Please talk to me or any Board member about your ideas and ways you might contribute. We welcome people interested in participating in any way — as a volunteer, a committee member, a committee chair, or a Board member. We especially welcome the newer homeowners who are part of the next generation moving in.

We want to hear from you about what you would like to see your HOA doing.  Please contact me or any Director by phone, email, or mail with your thoughts and suggestions.