Apr 072017

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As we reported at the annual meeting, HOA maintenance tasks have been split into several categories with a larger number of individuals volunteering to help, spreading the workload out so that no one person has an overload of work. My responsibility is for HOA owned structures, which as you would suspect, includes the clubhouse, south pool house, pool ramadas and the entry monuments.

Guy Scharf and I have inspected these facilities in the past month and found that the only immediate needs involve several paint projects at the south pool. These include the ramada, portions of the wrought iron, and trim on the pool house. We’re also going to review the wrought iron at the north pool. We’ll be looking to get this work done in the next couple months.

Last year the HOA had several sections of sidewalk replaced. We’re currently surveying the neighborhood sidewalks, looking again for sections that may have shifted and are tripping hazards. Other defects that may need repair include damaged/degraded sidewalk or curb sections. Once we have a list of areas in need of replacement, we’ll arrange for repairs, likely over the summer. Thanks to an owner report, we also have plans to repair a damaged storm sewer drain on North Via Velazquez as part of our concrete repairs.

This last point illustrates that you all can help. While we try to keep on top of maintenance, owners collectively have many more eyes and opportunities to see items that may need attention. The storm sewer damage was apparently done by a contractor, but it happened last year so there was no opportunity to pursue the contractor to pay for the damage. Please feel free to let me know if you find things that we need to be aware of. In this latter case, a more timely report could have saved the HOA the cost of repairs.