Apr 072017
✉ by Teresa Scharf, Chair, Hospitality Committee


I have been in this role approximately one year. I want to start off by thanking Ursula Cybulsky for the previous nine years of dedicated service she has given as chairman of the Hospitality Committee. She was very enthusiastic and skillful in running the Hospitality Committee committee. She gives a lot of credit to her co-chair, Lauren Jump and committee members for the success of the many events that were hosted. So thank you so much Ursula.

Our committee is co-lead with each member choosing an event that they would like to lead and facilitate. This seems to be a fun, and much appreciated approach by the members of the Hospitality Committee. In addition, it is well received by the community. Our goal is to host events for the HOA that will create a sense of fun, while offering a chance to create a community of neighbors getting to know and appreciate one another.

One of the previous events that we’ve had in the last year was a Spring Potluck. We also tried a new approach to an event. We call it a Bring Your Own Beverage and Appetizer to share. These are mostly held from 5-7 pm at the clubhouse. RSVP is not required to offer more flexibility for homeowners; you may also bring your own alcoholic beverage. This was a result of a policy change that went into effect last year. These events are casual and offer the option of dropping in for however long you’d like. The format also includes a chance to easily mingle since it is not a sit down potluck. We’re finding that the events are well received with a range of 30 – 50 people coming to each event. A fun, light hearted and pleasant evening takes place and is helping neighbors get to know each other better. A sense of community seems to be developing and we see that as a positive direction to go in.

We had BYOB and Appetizer events in December, January and March. In January we tried a similar event as a brunch from 10-12. Future BYOB’s will most likely be held in the evening.

We hosted a presentation by Tiny Read from the Sunrise Neighborhood Assistance Program (SNAP) in March.  It was an informative and pleasant evening with several homeowners signing up to be volunteers.

Our next BYOB and Appetizer event will be on Wednesday, April 12 from 5 – 7 pm.

We are not sure if there will be any summer events since hospitality members are away during most of this time. We look forward to hosting a fall event when more residents are back.

As a final note we are always open to new members. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested.

Teresa Scharf – Committee Chair
Event Coordinators – Sonja Allen, Pat Larson, Diane Meuser, Carole Stephen, Jane Spalding, Joyce Steiner, Susie Struck