Apr 052017
✉ by Guy Scharf, Chair, Architecture Committee

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Architecture activity during 2016 was modest.  The most common requests we received were for changes to fences, gates, walls, and windows.

I would like to remind everyone that any external change to your house, walls, gates, lighting, paint, etc. requires Architectural Committee approval. The most difficult problems we deal with are changes that have been made without permission and which do not comply with standards. These problems could easily have been solved early if the homeowner had contacted us when first considering a change. We’re always happy to work with you to find a solution you like that is compatible with our standards.

I strongly recommend that anyone considering architectural changes first read Planning for Architectural Changes.

All exterior construction requires Architecture Committee Approval. Whether raising a wall, changing a gate or front door, replacing a window, changing a post lamp or any external light fixture, adding an extension, building a BBQ in your back yard, etc. contact ✉ Guy Scharf at to gain approval for your project before starting work. If you cannot reach Guy, you can call ✉ Kathy Mitton at to get the necessary forms to submit. Approvals are given in the shortest possible time.

Every homeowner is urged to contact the Architecture Committee prior to undertaking any landscape or structural change or addition. This will avoid the possibility of having to make possibly costly changes.

As more homes in SMVE are sold and new owners move in, we have had an increase in interior remodeling. Most new homeowners have been very cooperative and have requested the “Rules for Contractors,” which the contractors read and sign, stating that they are aware of our rules and agree to follow them. This results in many fewer complaints of roads and driveways being blocked, avoids visible portable toilets, dumpsters, etc. Neighbors are much more amenable to the less disruptive improvements to the neighborhood.

The most common request to the Architecture Committee is for a copy of the Approved Paint Colors. You can always find the current list of approved paint colors on our website at http://smve.org/approved-paint-colors. The approved list for 2017 will be included with the the Spring newsletter; please print it and put it in a place where you can find it when needed.

We have streamlined the permission process to permit much of it to be accomplished by email while requiring contractors to sign a form containing our rules and expectations concerning parking, building materials, debris removal, etc.  Talk to us first about your proposed changes and we’ll tell you what information we need.

If you need to trim the vegetation behind your rear wall to improve your views contact ✉ Kathy Mitton at to get the forms and set up an appointment for a quote for the work. Kathy will work with you to get a representative from Cherry Landscape or another HOA approved tree trimmer along with a representative from the landscape committee to review the scope of work and quote you a price to do the work.  If you agree to the quote, they  will set up a date (convenient to you) to have the work done.  Remember that there are limitations as to how far into the common area we can trim trees as that is protected land.

For both Architectural requests or tree trimming, if you cannot reach ✉ Guy Scharf or ✉ Kathy Mitton, call Chris Bruyn at AME Management to get started.

Have great summer!