Apr 132016
✉ by Teresa Scharf, Chair, Hospitality Committee


The Sunrise Mountain View Estates Spring Potluck took place on Saturday, April 9th and 47 people attended. Based on the smiles, laughter and festive feeling it was easy to tell that everyone was having a great time. The tables with pastel colored table cloths and simple yet inviting table decorations helped set a tone. The food was plentiful, attractive, and good quality–very tasty with just the right balance of choices. We even had a few fun surprise activities for those that chose to join in, adding to the festive feeling. We had time to meet new neighbors and make new friends, as well as catching up with old friends.

We’re looking forward to more events and would love to have your support and input as to what events you would like to see. Just click on the email link above and tell us your ideas for events and any other suggestions you have. During the summer months, the committee will take a break–unless volunteers are interested in joining it and making an event happen. Only two of our committee members will be here during the summer.

Also, we’re making it easy to join in as a volunteer. You don’t need to make a long-term commitment;  you can get involved with one event or as many as you choose. You pick the amount of involvement that will fit into your schedule. There will be an event coordinator that will lead each event, and with enough volunteers we can spread the work, fun and interesting activities.

Stay tuned for news about the next Hospitality Committee by reading the website articles and flyers on the mailboxes. The easy way of getting news about SMVE is to subscribe to website updates by email.  Click here to start your subscription.

Thanks for your attention. So, let’s hear it for SMVE community and creating an enjoyable, friendly community. We’d love to get to know you and have you participate.

Teresa Scharf – Committee Chairman
Event Coordinators – Carole Stephen, Grazyna Fercz, Jane Spalding, and Joyce Steiner