May 212018
We continue to have some issues with unauthorized access by non residents at the South Pool. Here are some things each of us can do to try to limit our exposure to these problems:

  • Always ensure the gate securely locks behind you.
  • Keep track of your pool keys and do not share your key with non residents.
  • Lock the driveway gate after you leave if you are leaving at night or late afternoon.
  • Call 911 if you see someone hop the wall or otherwise make a non authorized entrance.  (Have a description of the person at hand). The South Pool address is 6595 E Territory. 
  • Report any security issues you see to a member of the board.
  • You can always use the emergency phone to call 911 if you don’t have your cell phone on you

We still have issues with a specific homeless person jumping the pool wall of the south pool in order to use the facility. He generally does this early in the morning (between 4a.m. and 6a.m.) and typically only does it when no vehicles are at the pool. (He has been surprised when an early morning swimmer walked to the pool and he wasn’t alerted by the sound of a car). The sheriff has been alerted and has promised to check more frequently. We have a “ticket” on record and should you encounter this person or see any person hop the wall, please call 911 and it would be helpful to tell them we have an open ticket for address 6595 E Territory. The ticket number is 1804 11 155.

We are investigating what other security measures can be put in place (for a reasonable cost) at the south pool.  This will take some time to complete an analysis of different options and costs so in the meantime please help us by following the steps noted at the top of the article.