Sep 192017
Below are some brief highlights from the September board meeting:

  • Treasurer Tammy Eversole reported budget is currently under running by about $6,500 and we have slightly higher revenues than budgeted for an $8,600 total improvement on plan. A 6 month CD was opened at a 1.37% interest rate. All but one homeowner has paid second half dues. Tammy also noted that accounting costs are increasing significantly for 2018.
  • A new cleaning service for bathrooms, deck, and clubhouse has started (Rincon Janitorial). The contract specifies not only wiping down tables regularly but also hosing the deck twice a month.
  • The North tennis court was resurfaced.
  • Roads project is nearly complete. Our president, Guy Scharf, spent an enormous amount of time shepherding us through this project and checking on results and is owed a huge thank you from all of us for that work. Next up for roads will be a portion of Velazquez though this isn’t expected until first half 2018.
  • Courtesy notes to homeowners with weedy yards went out. Violation notices will go out September 22 to any who have not resolved the problem by then.
  • Nominating committee of Kathy Mitton and Larry Spenser will be seeking candidates for board positions for 2018. If you have any interest, please contact Kathy or Larry.
✉ by Kathy Mitton, SMVE HOA Vice President

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