Jan 052019

Article by Steve Struck.
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The major financial issue the HOA has faced the last few years has been building the reserve fund to an appropriate level to support replacement and/or repair of the HOAs aging assets. It should come as no surprise that repaving the association’s 3.2 miles of roads is one of the most expensive items on our reserve study spending plan.  It has been approximately two years since the road committee began planning and actual construction, so as 2018 ends, it’s a good time to summarize where we are and what work remains to be done.

Work done to date:

2016        All roads crack sealed and Masterseal applied.

2017        Paseo Otono, Strada de Acero, the north end of Via Sempreverde and the north pool parking lot pulverized, compacted and paved with 2” of new asphalt.

2018        Mid Velazquez (from Otono to Gelsomino) similarly pulverized, compacted and paved with 2” of new asphalt.


This is a good time to recall that Velzaquez (north of Otono) was repaved in 2011, and Via Frasino and Largo Salici were repaved in 2005.

To summarize, approximately 50% of our roads have been repaved since 2005 with the work done in 2017 and 2018 representing 32% of our roads.

Work to be done:

The roads yet to be repaved are all over 30 years old and we’ve been very fortunate to have them last this long.  The road committee surveyed the remaining roads in December and established a tentative schedule for additional road work:

2019        Apply Masterseal to the roads repaved in 2017 and 2018 (spring).

2020        Reconstruct and repave Gelsomino in its entirety and the connector to Territory.

2022        Reconstruct and repave south Via Sempreverde (from just south of Strada de Acero to Territory).

2023        Reconstruct and repave south Velazquez (from Gelsomino to Territory).

The crack sealing and Master sealing procedures extend the life of our roads and will be done as is prudent going forward.  Via Frasino, Via Cedri and Largo Salici, having been paved relatively recently, are not on the five year plan.

It should be emphasized that these plans are tentative and subject to change if any of these roads either last longer or degrade more quickly than expected.  The repaving timing for the work done the past two years was different from what was initially planned. The actual condition of these roads will determine the actual replacement timing.

I would like to thank Guy Scharf, Dale Larson, Bob Mix and Rick Levy, all members of the road committee, and all contributors to the work that has been done the past two years.