Aug 122017

2017 Road Paving Project
August 21 – September 15, 2017
*** New Schedule ***


Sunland Asphalt, our paving contractor, has a new schedule for paving Paseo Otoño, Via Sempreverde, and Strada de Acero, beginning Monday, August 21.  As with the previous schedule, a forecast of heavy monsoon rain could delay the project once again.  And, as before, we won’t know until the last minute.

The 2017 road paving project is now scheduled to begin on Monday, August 21, 2017 and should finish around September 15. Please read this letter carefully to see how you will be affected. Our intent is to minimize, as much as possible, the impact to you while still ensuring that the investment we are making in our roads progresses smoothly and safely.

The areas to be paved are:

  • Paseo Otoño from Sunrise Drive to Via Velazquez including the North Pool parking area
  • Via Sempreverde from the intersection with Paseo Otoño to just past Strada de Acero, including the mailbox parking area
  • All of Strada de Acero
  • Selected segments of curbs throughout the HOA will be replaced

Heavy equipment will be onsite to pulverize existing asphalt, regrade and compact the base and then lay down new asphalt. Affected areas will have sewer covers and water valves lowered for the duration of the project making driving difficult. Towards the end of the project, speed bumps and striping will be done. We will also take this opportunity to replace some old water lines and electrical wiring that cross underneath affected roads.

The Schedule

The schedule is subject to change because of weather or unforeseen events. Construction will begin on August 21, with workers lowering water valves and manhole covers on the streets to be paged. Curb replacement may also begin then. The pulverizing and paving schedule will present the most traffic interruption and its schedule is:

Street Pulverize Grade Pave
Via Sempreverde 8/28 8/28-8/31 9/1
Paseo Otoño 8/29 9/5-9/7 9/8

Grading and compacting will be done between the pulverizing and paving dates.  After paving is complete, speed bumps will be re-installed, the streets striped, and the previously lowered water valves and manhole covers will be raised back to pavement level.  The project is expected to wrap up by September 15, 2017

How will ALL residents be affected?

For reasons of safety and road work, we ask all homeowners, guests, and contractors to enter and exit SMVE from the entrances on Territory Drive. Please advise anyone coming to your house to enter from Territory Drive.

Emergency vehicles will continue to have access to every home, regardless of their location or paving work in progress. We are working with Rural/Metro, the Sheriff, and other services so that they are fully aware of our paving project.

While the North Pool will remain open, we strongly encourage you to use the South Pool or plan to park outside the paving area and walk to the pool.

How will residents within paving area be affected?

Homes on Strada de Acero and Via Sempreverde from 5416 through 5500 will have the roads directly in front of their homes paved. Homeowners on Via Frassino, Via Cedri, and Largo Salici must pass through the area being paved to reach their house.

The plan is that you should be able to drive from your home towards Territory by way of Via Velazquez or Via Sempreverde before 7 a.m. and after 5 p.m. daily. However, there will be barricades around lowered sewer covers and water valves, and the road itself may be gravel instead of paved at times. At other times of the day, construction workers and equipment may be present, so you will need to drive slowly and cautiously. We request you avoid driving through the work area if possible.

We expect that on two days the road in front of your house, or that you need to pass through, will be blocked because pulverizing or paving is in progress. On those days that access is blocked, you may park on Via Sempreverde or Via Velazquez the previous night. Use a parking area if available. Overnight parking on the side of the street with a sidewalk will be allowed only if overflow parking spaces are full. If you will be unable to walk to your home from where you park your car, please notify us soon as we are we are evaluating whether to have a golf cart and driver available to transport you between your car and home. We will have details of this service in the next mailing.

Access to your house will be blocked on the pulverizing date and on the paving date as shown in the schedule above.

Please avoid construction projects on your home during the August 28 – September 15. For safety and to avoid damage to the road in progress, we want to keep traffic to a minimum and especially to keep heavy vehicles and trailers out. If you have a project in process, please arrange for your contractor not to be working during that period. If you have regular contractors, like cleaning or landscaping services, ask them to schedule their visits before August 25 and after September 8.

No parking will be permitted on the streets being paved. Vehicles parked on streets being paved are subject to being towed.

If you have home health care, or otherwise need regular visits to your home, please contact us with details so that we can find a way for necessary services to reach your house on all days.

We are working with the Post Office so that mail delivery can be continued through this paving project. We are contacting delivery services like UPS and FedEx so they are aware of road restrictions.

The Waste Management schedule may need to be altered for homes in the area being repaved. We will provide more details in the next mailing.

What about seal coating?

All roads other than those being repaved will be seal coated this summer. The seal coating project will follow the paving project. Schedule and traffic controls will be announced in a few weeks.

Who can I call with questions?

Kathy Mitton and Guy Scharf will be contacting all residents in the paving area. You are welcome, of course, to call either of us or any Board member.

For residents of Via Cedri and Via Frassino:

Guy Scharf
Cell: (520) 305-1472

For residents of Via Sempreverde, Strada de Acero, and Largo Salici:

Kathy Mitton
Cell: (520) 979-1218