Dec 042014
Forty-five SMVE HOA residents attended the July Ice Cream Social. The setup by members of the Hospitality Committee was lovely and inviting; the ice cream, cookies, and special treats; and the social interaction with current and new Homeowners was enjoyed by all. Moreover, cash contributions from generous attendees exceeded expenses.

In addition, on November 1st, Bill Page coordinated a colorful, informative, and comprehensive digital presentation on “Wildlife in the Pantanal”, South America from 7-9:00 PM in the SMVE HOA Clubhouse. The thirty plus attendees were enthralled with gorgeous still life and movie clips of colorful birds, unusual animals, alligators, and an incredibly diverse ecosystem. Bill and Joan Page have traveled to this remote area (the Pantanel) to photograph jaguars and native wildlife on three different occasions. Thank you Bill and Joan for sharing.

Finally, I ask anyone willing to help to consider joining the Hospitality Committee. Right now only six members are doing all the setup, pickups, decorations, and cleanup for well over 400 Homeowners. These dedicated and generous volunteers need help. Please contact ✉ Ursula Cybulsky at 577-2963. ✉ by Joe Cybulsky

Ref: Fall 2014 SMVE Newsletter