Dec 022016
We have reports of homeowners not receiving email they expect or that their neighbors receive from SMVE.  Here is a brief explanation of two types of notifications we send, where each obtains the email address, and some simple trouble shooting if you are not receiving expected emails.

SMVE sends homeowners two different types of email:

  • “SMVE News Alerts” for items of immediate interest (e.g. notice of road construction, a special event, or newsletter availability). These occur a few times a year.  Alerts are sent from and are sent to the email address you specified on the Homeowner Information Sheet you filled out when you purchased your home.
  • “Website update emails” are sent each day our website is updated with a new article if you have subscribed to updates (we do encourage you to subscribe).  These emails are sent from and sent to the address you specified when you subscribed to the website email update service.

Steps to Take if Not Receiving These Emails

1. Check your spam filter.  If you are not receiving one or both of these types of email, check that they have not been caught by a spam filter or placed in a spam or quarantine folder.  Each email provider has its own spam detection tools and many tailor their spam filter to reflect your own email use. Spam filters can change from one day to the next, so receiving one alert does not guarantee the next one will not be treated as spam.

2. Mark SMVE as a “safe sender.”  Most email providers allow you to specify certain email addresses as “safe senders” so that email from that address will (almost) never be placed in your spam folder. To maximize the chance that SMVE News Alerts and website update emails will be delivered successfully, please add and to your safe senders list.

Add both “” and “” to your safe senders list to ensure you receive these emails.

The method  of identifying a safe sender varies with the email provider.  If you use gmail, you need to create two new contacts, with “” and “” as their email addresses.  For other email providers, please see How to add email to safe senders list. This page has detailed instructions for most common email services such as,,,,, etc.

3. Check with the We can check that we have your correct email address(es) in our database for SMVE News Alerts and whether emails have been sent normally.  You may give us several email addresses if you want alerts sent to several addresses. 

We can also check the mailing list for website updates and determine whether you have successfully subscribed to the list.  If you want website update emails sent to several addresses, just subscribe with each address.

Please contact me if you have any problems receiving SMVE emails.  I’ll be happy to work with you to try to resolve the problem.