Parking Reminders

March 10, 2018  News
Mar 102018

Navigating our narrow streets can be a challenge, especially when vehicles are parked on the street. Please remember the rules and be aware that these also apply to your visitors and contractors:

  • When possible use the garage and the driveway, not the street
  • No overnight parking
  • Limit street parking (no more than 8 hours during the day)
  • Fines of 20$ a day for first occurrence after a warning and 50$ for a second warning in the same year

While the following are not official rules, they help make our roads easier to drive.  If a visitor or contractor must park in the street,

  • Avoid parking directly across from one another as that makes for a very narrow path to drive through and may prevent emergency vehicle access
  • Avoid parking immediately across the street from a driveway

If you’ve ever had to back out of your driveway when a vehicle is parked immediately across the street you know it takes extra attention and care.  If you’ve encountered vehicles on both sides of the road, you know that it makes for a very narrow pathway.   Please do your part to minimize these situations and have your visitors park in the driveway or in overflow parking whenever possible.  Your neighbors will thank you!

Our streets are so much easier to navigate and the neighborhood looks so much nicer when few vehicles are parked on the street!