Our Street Names

January 9, 2018  News
Jan 092018
Most of us don’t know what our street names mean. Here are some translated names from the Sunrise Mountain View Estates area.

Street names were originally assigned by government authorities, not by the builder (Fairfield).

Paseo Otoño (Sp.; pronounced oh-TOHN-yoh): Autumn Drive. (Also seasonal, a street north of Sunrise is Circulo Invierno, Winter Circle.)

Via Sempreverde (It.) (sem-preh-VER-de): Evergreen Way.

Via Velazquez, a linguistic mix: Via (It.), way; Velazquez (pronounced veh-LAZZ-kezz), the great Spanish painter.

Strada de Acero (It.): Maple Street.

Largo Salici (It.) (suh-LEE-see): Willows Square.

Via Frassino (It.) (fruh-SEE-noh): Ash Tree Way.

Via Cedri (It.) (CED-ree): Cedars Way.

Via Gelsomino (It.) (jel-soh-MEE-noh): Jasmine Way.

Adapted from Sunrise Mountain Views, Vol 1, No. 1, February 1991.  Published by the Sunrise Mountain View Estates Homeowners’ Liaison Committee prior to SMVE separating from Fairfield, Inc.