Oct 162018


The Board meets on the third Monday of every month at 3:30 PM in the clubhouse, and all homeowners are welcome to attend. Below are some highlights from the October Board meeting:

Pool Closure Dates:

North pool, restrooms, and clubhouse will be closed Monday November 26 thru Friday November 30 for pool deck work, tile cleaning, and emptying/refilling of pool.  Absolutely NO entry other than vendors working will be allowed.

South pool will be closed for 3 months starting December 1st.  Restrooms will remain open except for Dec 10-12 when pool deck work, tile cleaning, and emptying / refilling of pool will be done.  Pool will reopen March 1st.

Volunteers Needed To Move Pool Furniture Ahead of Pool Closure

Volunteers are needed the afternoon of Sunday November 25th   to move furniture off the pool deck to ramada areas in preparation for the pool work that will be done November 26-Nov 30th. Please contact Larry Spencer if you are willing to help. ✉ Contact SMVE Acting Pool Chair


Homeowner Concerns:

Little Library

Jane Spaulding requested board consider a loaning library  (www.littlefreelibrary.org).  Steve Struck noted Sunrise Mountain Ridge has one but it is a large cabinet that is well protected from rain in their pool area.  Bill Coan says he has spotted one at Sunrise Ridge but it didn’t seem to fit the environment well. Doing something in the north pool area was discussed.

The board endorses the concept and would like to see volunteers flesh out the idea.


Jane Spaulding also requested board to consider putting benches around the HOA.  Concrete benches were mentioned.

The board also endorses this idea but again would like to see volunteers track down where concrete benches could be located in Tucson and identify in priority order where they’d like to see the benches placed.

South Pool Security

Jan and Jerry  Foval’s request to suspend the Board’s decision to add camera security at south pool was discussed. The board reviewed again the exhaustive investigation that was done on options for improved security at the south pool as well as costs.   The committee has already implemented additional signage, changes in lighting, and fake cameras.  The committee investigated fencing options, security company options (like Central Alarm), and security camera solutions.  Excluding  one time startup costs to get internet to the south pool and equipment acquisition, the annual costs are approximately 3k for internet, phone and monitoring feed by security company.  Given that we were spending 10k a year for security via Central Alarm which proved to be ineffective and almost $700 a year for a phone there that rarely works, the board still feels this is the next right step in trying to improve security at the south pool.

One homeowner asked whether physical security was investigated (taller fences) and the committee indicated it was.  The cost was approximately 75-85$ per linear foot and the vendor did not think we’d be happy with the results as to meaningfully prevent scaling of walls would require a prison like fence.  The vendor also noted that any fence is scaleable with some effort and we would have weak areas like the back gate that would be an issue.  It was also pointed out that now that we have easy exit (no key required) it just takes 1 person to scale the wall and let a group of people in.



Treasurer, Tom Kelley reports we are continuing to spend about 20k per month operating expense.  We are on target to spend about 250k versus a 275k budget.   The operational budget for 2019 was discussed.  It was noted that our aging facilities are requiring more frequent and expensive repairs.  It was also noted that the cost of water is continuing to significantly increase.  We have one more year on our trash contract where we are contractually obligated to pay an increase tied to cost of living (estimated to be 2.2%).  Pool vendor costs will be going up as well. As part of the 2019 budget, packrat control by HOA will be dropped (this was started several years ago) and the amount allocated to trimming trees will be reduced (it was increased for last 2 years to deal with the large number of trees that were in bad shape).  

Tom also reports that we are underspending the capital budget (119k actual versus 173k budget).  This is in part due to deferring some of those expenses (seal coating new roads) to 2019 and also in part due to some roads expenses coming in under budget. For capital expenditures Steve Struck noted that the largest driver of road cost is labor and asphalt which is tied to cost of oil.  Predicting road costs too far ahead of actual implementation becomes difficult as these costs are volatile.

Larry Spencer (Secretary and Acting Recreation Director) asked for approval to install four more energy efficient pumps now (previously approved as a 2019 Capital expenditure).  The timing change allows us to take advantage of a limited-time $1200 rebate from TEP if pumps are installed by November 15th.  The board approved the request and the pumps will be installed soon.

President Kathy Mitton asked for and received approval to have an update to Reserve Study with site visit in 2019.  Our first hand experience with roads should enable us to provide some more realistic inputs to the largest driver of our capital expenses. This will be part of the 2019 budget.

Board approved purchase of projector.  We have rented a projector for last couple of years at 200$ for a couple of days for homeowner meeting and the projector quality was inadequate.

Board discussed offloading more work to a management company due to lack of volunteers to take on work.  The board will come up with a list of tasks that could be vended out.  A committee will be formed to search for an appropriate firm with a target of getting this in place by start of 2020.  Some tasks may be vended out sooner if feasible. Using a management company would not remove the need for volunteers as we would still committees to input or oversee the management companies (i.e. Finance committee) and some work can’t be offloaded (Architecture approvals, Roads). However, much of the daily work (managing vendors, paying bills, running monthly financial reports,  responding to homeowners, preparing dues invoices ) could be offloaded for a price.

Volunteers Needed for Management Company Committee

Two volunteers are needed to join a committee to look for a management company to handle more of the HOA work.  If interested please contact Kathy Mitton.  ✉ Contact SMVE President


Home Sales

3 homes are in escrow and 12 homes have been sold this year.


Committee Updates

Architecture Committee

Bill Coan (architecture chair) noted that a recent article was published on our flag rules to remind homeowners of SMVE’s flag display rules.  Bill also reviewed some of the recent architecture requests and violations.

Recreation Committee

Larry Spencer (temporary acting Pool Manager) covered the dates of closure of pools for the maintenance work scheduled (listed above). He also informed us that the noisy spa blower at north pool has now been replaced and indicated that a timer will be tried out on north pool spa to stop heating it at night to reduce gas costs.

Larry reported he had solicited quotes for routine pool maintenance but our current vendor in spite of his increase for 2019 is still quite a bit lower than other quotes received.  Larry is working with the vendor to make some improvements on our pool maintenance.  Larry was able to arrange for the north spa a chimney stack replacement under warranty.

Security Committee

Phil Mowbray (security chair) noted that a homeowner on Frassino had a planter and pot stolen from her front yard.

Maintenance Committee

Steve Struck (Maintenance Chair) reviewed several maintenance items that are in the queue (vent in south pool room, electrical outlet, etc.) and noted that the south pool ramada will be painted soon.

Landscape Committee

The last packrat inspection and  removal was completed.  As noted above, packrat removal by the HOA will be terminated in 2019.  Homeowners will still be able to use vendors to remove packrats as long as those vendors do not use poison.


The next board meeting will be on November 19.