Nov 222017
The Board meets on the third Monday of every month at 3:30 PM in the clubhouse. All homeowners are welcome to attend. Below are some highlights from the November Board meeting:

Board Personnel

  • After careful consideration, Kip Longan decided it was time for him to resign from the Board. Kip served from 2006 – 2010 and again in 2016 and 2017. We are grateful to Kip for his many years of service to our community; please thank him personally when you see him.
  • We are delighted that Laura Franklin has joined the Board as Kip’s successor and agreed to serve as Pool and Recreation chair. Welcome, Laura!
  • The Nomination Committee reported that we have 3 candidates who will run for the 3 open Board positions: Bill Coan, Tom Kelley, and Larry Spencer.


  • Homeowner dues for the first half of the year will be mailed to residents’ permanent addresses by December 1st. Payment will be due by January 1st. If your permanent mailing address has changed recently, then please let President Guy Scharf know so he can update our database (and you won’t miss any other important communications).
  • It is a tight real estate market in Fairfield. One home is for sale in SMVE (which has 238 homes) and approximately 10 homes are for sale in all the Fairfield HOAs.
  • Treasurer Tammy Eversole reported that we are still below budget for the year by approximately 5%.
  • The Operating budget for 2018 was approved.
  • Updates to the 2018 Reserve Study were approved, and will be posted on the website’s Finance page when the final copy is available.
  • The road work planned for 2017 has been completed; the Board approved a payment of approximately $212,000 to pay for that work. Stay tuned for the next phase….


  • Laura reported that the Pool Committee is investigating how to address the issue of paint peeling on the pool ladders.
  • The north pool spa was drained, acid washed, and refilled. All pool and spa water was tested by an independent firm to ensure our water is in compliance. It is!


  • We are grateful to the numerous people who responded to our request for additional volunteers:
    • 5 water watchers (Lois Coan, Ardith Grady, Cathy Grant, Cynthia Schneider, and Toz Spalding)
    • 1 new member for the Maintenance Committee (Rick Levy)
    • 1 reserve study specialist (Toz Spalding)
    • 1 reconciliation manager (Sam Evans)
    • 2 new members for the Communications Committee (Kiki Cheney and Donna Evans)
  • We hope to welcome several new Finance Committee members in the near future. Stay tuned!


  • Historically, fines were the same for violations to landscape rules on either common property or in a homeowner’s yard. The Board updated the wording so that violations are now addressed differently. The newly approved wording for violations on common property now reads:
    • Homeowners may be charged $250-$500 per plant/tree impacted plus the cost of remediation (e.g., replanting and irrigating for up to 5 years). The Landscape Committee will make the determination of the value of the tree/plant. 
✉ by Kiki Cheney