Oct 102018

Like the U.S. Congress and the Arizona Legislature, the SMVE Homeowners Association has on its books some long-standing regulations about the display of flags.

SMVE’s flag display regulations are designed to assure respectful relations among neighbors.

Like anyone who respects their neighbors, you’re probably already complying with SMVE’s flag display regulations, even if you’ve never read them. But whether you’ve read the flag display regulations or not, you have agreed to abide by them.

IMPORTANT: By signing agreement to SMVE’s Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) at the time of home purchase, every homeowner in SMVE has agreed to abide by SMVE’s regulations for flag display.

SMVE’s regulations for flag display include the following:

  • Only one flag pole is permitted on each property.
  • The flag pole may not be higher than twelve (12) feet.
  • The flag pole may not display a flag more than 4′ by 6′ feet in size.
  • No more than two flags may be displayed on the flag pole.
  • The flag pole shall be a metal or synthetic pole, not masonry, etc.
  • The flag pole must blend with its background and be approved by the Architecture Committee.
  • Low voltage lighting from the ground is permitted, provided such light does not shine on adjacent property.
  • Hardware and cords must be secured so as not to make noise in the wind, whether a flag is flying or not.
  • Only the following flags, which are protected by A.R.S. 33-1808, may be displayed on the flag pole:
    • The American flag.
    • An official or replica of a flag of the United States army, navy, air force, marine corps or coast guard.
    • The POW/MIA flag.
    • The Arizona state flag.
    • An Arizona Indian nations flag.
    • The Gadsden flag.

NOTE: Flying a flag other than the ones listed above is a violation of SMVE’s regulations for flag display.

There’s no better way to earn the respect of others than by showing respect for them. Therefore, when you fly a flag on your SMVE property, fly it proudly, but fly it respectfully, in compliance with SMVE’s regulations on flag display.