May 162017
Below are some brief highlights from the May board meeting:

  • Stu Lewis, our new State Farm Insurance Agent, attended the meeting to answer questions on our deductible choices and monetary and non monetary Director and Officer liability. It was decided to select the $5k deductible.
  • A brief discussion occurred around homeowners propping open the pool gate because they only have one key and arrive separately. The pool gate may NEVER be propped open. If it is too burdensome for a homeowner to open the gate, the homeowner can purchase a second key for the pool.
  • Real estate activity remains moderate (6 homes closed so far this year, 1 pending, and 1 for sale).
  • Treasurer Tammy Eversole reported budget is on track for the year. As of April we are 4.1% under budget but several expenses haven’t cleared the books yet (water and security). Once those clear we will be closer to 2% under budget.
  • Clubhouse refrigerator is failing. It will be unplugged for the summer to avoid damage and is likely to be replaced in the fall.
  • All but one homeowner who received a note (either courtesy or violation notice) have cleaned up their yards. The remaining homeowner has made partial improvements.
  • Yard Rules and Regulations will be updated to add Onionweed (Asphodelus fistulosus) as an invasive plant. Homeowners should not plant any invasive plant and should remove any invasive plant that sprouts on their property.
  • Yard Rules and Regulations will be updated to reflect fines for compliance can be up to $250 and/or $10 a day. Currently the document states only $10 a day. Document will also be updated to indicate fines may double if repeat offenses occur within a year.
  • North pool heater will be replaced this Thursday. North pool tile will be cleaned on Saturday, June 3rd, and the pool will be closed from 6:30 a.m until noon.
  • North pool chairs will be re-strapped. Half the chairs will be picked up this Wednesday. Once those are done the other half will be done.
  • North tennis court will be resurfaced starting May 29th and it will take 5-7 days to complete the work.Tennis court will be closed during repaving.
  • Two bids were received for road work. Committee will be selecting vendor shortly.
✉ by Kathy Mitton, SMVE HOA Vice President

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