Jan 222017
Below are some brief highlights from the January board meeting:

  • Rick von Hasselt has agreed to take on lighting. Please report outages to Rick and thank Rick for taking this on.
  • Phil Mowbray has accepted the role of Clubhouse Manager and is the person to contact about reserving the Clubhouse.
  • A cease and desist letter was sent to a window replacement company to ask them to stop door-to-door solicitation.
  • First quarter packrat inspection and removal was completed (18 nests), first half pre-emergent is partially complete (to be completed by end of January). Some large trees will be trimmed over the next couple of weeks (use care when traveling past those areas).
  • The timer at north spa has been replaced (it was getting stuck on, leaving spa running).
  • A final push was made to homeowners who hadn’t responded regarding the homeowner directory. This yielded approximately 20 more additions to the directory. The directory is available online at SMVE.org (you must be logged in to access the directory).
  • Treasurer Larry Spencer reported operating expenses are below budget for month (4.6%) and for year (9.8%). All but 16 homeowners have paid their first half 2017 dues. Year end assets were at $694k, a 29% increase from year end 2015, and $285K was contributed to reserves.
  • The Nominating Committee is still seeking volunteers for board and committee positions. Contact Kathy Mitton if you have any interest.

February 20th is the homeowner meeting at 7:00PM in the clubhouse. Hope to see you there!

✉ by Kathy Mitton, SMVE Secretary

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