Is your information correct?

November 6, 2018  News
Nov 062018

Notice for first half 2019 dues will be going out shortly to the address specified in the HOA database as your permanent mailing address.  If you have changed your permanent address please notify ✉ Kathy Mitton, President, SMVE HOA prior to November 15 so it can be corrected before dues notices are mailed. Keeping your information up to date is your responsibility and inaccurate information will not absolve you from late fees.

In addition to your mailing address, please notify us if you have had a change in phone numbers or email addresses.  We are finding when we attempt to contact a homeowner that often the phone numbers and/or email are invalid.  Perhaps a landline has been disconnected and no cell phone number was ever provided or one member of the household is deceased.  Ensuring we have the most accurate information in the database  saves us wasted time and effort and helps us reach you quickly in the event we notice a problem with your property.