Mar 122018


We had an informative annual neighborhood watch meeting with speakers from the sheriff’s office and Rural Metro.  We also had yummy homemade cookies, donuts and coffee thanks to the hospitality committee! Some highlights from the meeting:



  • In general we’re a fairly low crime area.
  • Between December 1, 2017 and March this year there were 22 incidents called in for our area (which is bordered by Craycoft and Kolb on the east and west and Sunrise and River on the north and south).
  • The largest category of  problems called in was theft from vehicles.  Protect yourself by parking in your garage whenever possible and if you are parked outside, always lock your vehicle.  Do not leave items visible on the seats. The majority of the thefts were to unlocked cars but there were also reports of actual break-ins when items were visible on the seats.
  • If you see a suspicious vehicle patrolling the streets or a suspicious person, don’t hesitate to call 911.
  • Most break-ins occur in neighborhoods during the day (not at night) whereas most businesses have break-ins at night and not during the day.
  • If  you are away and want volunteers from the sheriff’s department to cruise by your home, you can still request this service:  call Sargeant Gibson at 351-3119  to arrange for it.
  • Phil Mowbray reminded us to lock doors to our homes which are accessible from garages.  This is an often overlooked easy point of entry.

Rural Metro

  • Some insurance companies are raising rates 40-60% for lack of proof of fire coverage.  If you are a Rural Metro subscriber and this happens to you, call Tim Torres at 520-265-7262 and he will provide proof of coverage.
  • Besides the typical services like fire, we were reminded of other services such as snake removal or smoke detector testing. Rural Metro will even change the batteries in your smoke detector if you are unable to get on a ladder to do it yourself.
  • We were also reminded that old smoke detectors should be replaced.  Even if they still sound an alarm, newer smoke detectors are much improved. And in some cases, if you are taking advantage of the inspection service, Rural Metro might recommend replacement of the entire detector.
  • Tim mentioned that Rural Metro would be happy to come do CPR training and Water Safety training if we have enough interested homeowners.  If this is something you might be interested in, send Kiki Cheney an ✉ email