Mar 182018

SMVE attempted a rather novel experiment spearheaded by one of our newest board members, Bill Coan.  Many garage doors in the community were looking  stained or faded and Bill co-ordinated a deal for homeowners with Vann and Son Painting which enabled 50 garage doors to be painted the approved color.  The completed project made an immediate difference in the neighborhood with much improved overall curb appeal. This ended up being a huge effort so lets all please thank Bill for thinking of this idea and then putting in the hours necessary to drive it to completion!

We still have a number of garage doors in the neighborhood which need attention, though happily the number is much smaller.  If you have not painted your garage door in the last five years,  please take a hard look at it.  Is it oil stained?  Is it faded?  Is it the wrong color?  If so, please get the door painted.  (Dunn and Edwards Cliff Brown is SMVE’s standard color for garage doors).  Our CC&Rs and Rules and Regs require that we keep our property looking tidy and maintained.  Painting a problem garage door can make a significant difference to the overall look of your property and our community.