Oct 062018

At a time when a dozen or more homes in SMVE are changing hands every year, SMVE’s rules on estate sales, moving sales, and other “public” sales have never been more important.

The rules on public sales were instituted to prevent traffic jams, blocked driveways, and pedestrian/vehicle collisions. Above all, they were instituted to assure unimpeded fire-and-rescue access to all homes.

The following pictures show just how disruptive and dangerous a public sale can be when the rules are violated:

Heavy vehicular traffic, combined with blocked sidewalks, unauthorized parking, and heavy pedestrian traffic disrupts the peaceful character of the neighborhood, creates a hazard for drivers and pedestrians alike, and makes it impossible for fire and rescue vehicles to reach people in need of emergency assistance.

Unauthorized parking on sidewalks and driveways, when combined with high vehicle counts and heavy pedestrian traffic, exposes homeowners and guests alike to extra hazards, while making it more difficult or even impossible for emergency vehicles to reach persons in need of assistance.

Unauthorized parking on private driveways, combined with parked vehicles in front of driveways, makes it impossible for homeowners, guests, and emergency personnel to navigate as needed, threatening the health and safety of all concerned.

Public sales are authorized only under the following conditions:

  • Permission must be requested in writing 4 weeks in advance
  • $2,500.00 deposit
  • No open advertising (e.g., no signs on streets)
  • Limit of only two people at a time (i.e., private viewing only)
  • Homeowner is responsible for assuring compliance by any agent involved in the sale
  • Failure to comply can result in forfeiture of the $2,500.00 deposit

Please be a good neighbor! Follow the above set of rules and keep our streets free and clear. The alternative could be very costly fines.

NOTE: A better alternative to holding an estate sale inside SMVE with the restrictions listed above is to hold an off-site estate sale. There are a number of companies in Tucson that offer this service.

The complete text of SMVE rules on public sales can be viewed here:

Garage, Yard, and Estate Sales